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Trouble Maker!

YES 0.70588235294118 70.6% [ 60 ]
NO 0.082352941176471 8.2% [ 7 ]
ehh. 0.21176470588235 21.2% [ 18 ]
Total Votes:[ 85 ]

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더 이상 예전의 네가 아니야
내가 사랑한 너와 지금에 네가 너무도 달랐어
그저 멍하니

████ ████ ██ █ ███ ███ ███ █ ███ ███ ████ ████ ███ ██ █ ███

                      HUG ME 0NCE Speaking

                      B2ST world tour T-T... They are so close but so far away.
                      The closest one to Hawaii is probably in LA. I don't have that kind of money
                      to fly out there DDDD;

████ ████ ██ █ ███ ███ ███ █ ███ ███ ████ ████ ███ ██ █ ███

멀어지는널 바라보고만 서서 울었어
No way, I can't recognize
You're not mine anymore . . .
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doonnngggwooonnnnnn smile
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xxSo beautiful my girl
xxOh oh girl Oh oh girl

"Dongwoon. =w= My sister made me a shirt with him on it for Christmas. <333 You can barely see it on my profile."
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        +i hope they sell tickets soon, i want to buy 'em asap.
I hope at the end of January cuz I know I'll have money saved. xP
Anyone going to try to go to the concert in SF? whee
Hey concert goers!!!!

User Image

Purchase Method: Please access http://www.cubee.co.kr/ to make purchase of the goods you want.

Collection Method: Only those who can collect the goods at the concert venue are allowed to order (*Delivery service, not possible)
- When making collection of goods at the concert reservation booths, please remember to bring receipt of items purchased and your identification card.

CREDITS: http://www.cubee.co.kr/, 꽃웃음손동운님@ㅂㄷ
Translated by; beastout.tumblr.com (@DUYONG2ST) via BEAST (비스트) Philippines
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So totally in love with Beast! Especially Son DongWoon 4laugh 4laugh heart heart heart
He's just soooo cute!!!!! For being the youngest, he has such a mature face whee And he's got a wonderful voice!!!!! I love picking out his voice in all their songs.
I'd hafta say that Yang Yoseop is my 2nd fave. I just love his baby face that go with his sexy abs.
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That site looks strange. Are tickets being purchased through there, or only the merch?
That site looks strange. Are tickets being purchased through there, or only the merch?

Well it looks strange cuz it's not open yet xD
Nah, it's just for the official merchandise.
Only those going to the concerts can buy stuff on there.
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Hello Beauties~~
Please help MBLAQ right now as B2st aren't promoting right now!
I'll do my best for B2st when their new album comes out.

Please help MBLAQ by streaming this ^^
Beast is the B2ST!
I just ordered 5 Beast shirts and a Hoodie off SpreadShirt.com biggrin heart
Can't wait for them to arrive. blaugh
Favourite member: 장현승 4laugh
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This says it all...
Aish~ I love B2ST~
Have you all heard "Living Without You" by Junhyung?
And also their newest song, "I Knew It"?
>.< Both songs are amazing... <3
My bias? Jang HyunSeung and Yong Junhyung~
Hwaiting, B2ST~ <3
Good luck on their Beautiful Show~

A "Lightless" Beautiful Show is bound to "Shock" "You." So just take a "Breath" and everything shall be all right. It may not be "Easy" but we will show the world the "Beautiful" "Oasis" that belongs only to B2UTY and the B2ST. At the end of this will the "Lights will go on again?" You decide because B2ST it's hard for B2UTY to be "Living Without you." "Thanks to" you, we can "Let it snow" and "When the door closes" we know the end of this "Fiction" is the best. Will you enter the stage as a "Trouble Maker" or will you be the "Virus" that is in every B2UTY's heart? "I'm sorry" but it's a "Mystery" to me how you became so "Special" to me. You make me smile even "On Rainy Days" and make time "Freeze" for me when I listen to you sing. "I knew it" from the beginning, because "The Fact" is "I like you the best" my B2UTIFUL B2ST. 사랑해, 비스트.

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