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Bap 0.47008547008547 47.0% [ 55 ]
Exo 0.52991452991453 53.0% [ 62 ]
Total Votes:[ 117 ]
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I pick Bap because of
User Image

This dude is soo cool omg he's like a second TOP smile
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Super Junior

BAP. Because they is the Bomb, rofl
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Sorry EXO, BAP.
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EXO for sure.
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EXO. Exoooooo.
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This is a horrible question...
I - um...
BAP, because they have Himchan.
But I still love Exo
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Aged Fatcat

easy peasy, Exo ;D
I'm more into exo's songs then BAP's. . . but both groups hwaiting! ^_______^
I pick EXO, I really love their song "What is love" the chinese version emotion_awesome
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Versatile Lunatic

          When you say "this dude" Do you actually know his name?
          And he is nothing like TOP in my opinion.


          I'm a massive fan of B.A.P and EXO
          I hope I can see B.A.P live since I've seen EXO-K live, though I really want to see EXO as a whole group. But getting to see EXO-K was just AMAZING.

          I don't like when people pick between on or the other because they're both really amazing.

          so yup.


          I love Daehyun and Suho the most heart
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B.A.P!!! I love them, and Saranghae Bang Yongguk Oppa!!!!
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I pick BAP<3
Blame noodle-guy, Zelo *A *
and did you say TOP?! -faints-
bap! i love exo nearly just as much though ^^
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BAP for sure!!

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