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Favourite Member so far?

Jinyoung 0.27296587926509 27.3% [ 104 ]
Baro 0.16010498687664 16.0% [ 61 ]
Sandeul 0.18110236220472 18.1% [ 69 ]
Gongchan 0.18635170603675 18.6% [ 71 ]
CNU 0.1994750656168 19.9% [ 76 ]
Total Votes:[ 381 ]
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Sparkly Noob

Woo~! A thread!!
Good luck on this!!
Heard about them around a week ago and have been stalking them since xDD!!
<3 The songs 'Only One' and 'OK' are amazing!! The style and everyone *_____*
I wish them luck in the future!! kekekeke~~

Oh, yeah... it's kinda obvious... XD
take my SOUL
xxxxxtake my HEART back。
i found a Tumblr page with stuff about them. [********]

I'm trying to find pics, but it's not working...
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Sparkly Noob

All the members are just so adroable!! xD I feel so old though comparing my age to theres!! (im 18~)
Oh yeahhh, I thought Baro was a 1993'er tho?
;___; It's so hard finding correct ages >___<;; So I really have no idea!

Who are your fave's so far if any? Right now I have my eyes on Jinyoung, Baro and CNU
take my SOUL
xxxxxtake my HEART back。
▌▌that Tumblr page has pictures of them.. ; v;
there's not really much out there right now since they're new.
you should totally make a poll. > u>

&& my favorite member is Gongchan!
But I also like Sandeul and Gongchan XD

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Sparkly Noob

Ahhh <3 Gongchan is so damn pretty!
I rememeber when they (attemped) to release the member's image one by one and his one
got revealed my mouth was like *drooooooool*
Although watching the MV of 'OK' made me drool over Jinyoung more xDD

Oh gosh I remember seeing CNU's huge coat silhouette too, and me and my friend were thinking he was going to be some huge gangster person~ xD He's so cute like a girl though /shot

<3 Seriously though, I be loving all the members. Can't wait to see more of their personalties ~
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xxxxxtake my HEART back。
you go to the first post in the thread, and there should be an option on the right to make a poll.

i can't wait to see them perform. = v=
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Sparkly Noob

See them perform?
As in going to an actual concert or just watching a live online o . o?
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xxxxxtake my HEART back。
▌▌watching them live online. x'D
i can't see them perform live because i don't live in Korea. ~
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Who knows xD!
I mean some people would travel to see lives!
*totally not reffering to me attempting to travel to Paris for sm town live related events*

*_____* Can't wait to see them live either~
Heck, I wanna see more personal things too, or variety show stuff!!
take my SOUL
xxxxxtake my HEART back。
▌▌i'd love to travel to go to concerts and such. ; v;
i might do that if Block B ever has a solo concert. /shot
dunno if i'd travel abroad for B1A4 yet, though...

i bet they'll be so cute on variety shows. ♥
hopefully they'll have radio show appearances, too.
since a lot of newbies do that to get their name out there.
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Sparkly Noob

Haha heart TBH I'd love to see any K-Pop Band i'm in to~!!
Still if B1A4 ever decided to hop to Europe i'd defo travel for it > : ]

I know <33 Haha!
Like I remember for U-Kiss's variety stuff <3 haha I loved them too.
Baro seems like the 'cool' guy type to me for some reason and then sanduel seems like the
'funny' type > : 3 Argh I just wanna see something~!
take my SOUL
xxxxxtake my HEART back。
▌▌if any of my favorite k-pop artists came near the U.S/Canada, i'll try to go.

i'm curious to see how B1A4 will evolve in the future.
and if they'll be big idols one day. ♥ i hope so.

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