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Baro 0.16010498687664 16.0% [ 61 ]
Sandeul 0.18110236220472 18.1% [ 69 ]
Gongchan 0.18635170603675 18.6% [ 71 ]
CNU 0.1994750656168 19.9% [ 76 ]
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Name: B1A4 (비원에이포)
Debut: April 20, 2011/ April 21, 2011
Company: WM Entertainment
Members: Baro, Sandeul, Jinyoung, Gongchan, and CNU
Fan Name: BANA. banana.
Balloon colour: ?

[ Named B1A4 because one member has blood type B, and four have blood type A.
Also because of the saying "Be the one, all for one" ]


No complaining about the pictures, please... D:

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Jung Jinyoung (정진영)
Leader, Vocalist
Born: November 18, 1991

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CNU (Shin Dong Woo) (신동우)
Vocalist/ Rapper
Born: June 16, 1991

User Image
Baro (바로) (Cha Sun Woo) (차선우)
Born: September 2, 1992

User Image
Sandeul (산들) (Lee Jung Hwan) (이정환)
Main Vocalist
Born: March 20, 1992

User Image
Gongchan (공찬) (Gong Chan Shik) (공찬식)
Born: August 14, 1993


"Let's Fly"

1. OK
2. Remember
3. 못된 것만 배워서
4. Bling Girl
5. Only One
6. OK (inst)

"It B1A4"

1. Beautiful Target
2. Fooool
3. My Love
4. Wonderful Tonight
5. 쮸쮸쮸 Chu Chu Chu

OK Teaser [x]
Ok Music Video [x]
OK live @ Music Bank [x]
B1A4 fanmeeting [x]
O.K Live Performance - MR Removed [x]
Jinyoung Photoshoot [x]
O.K Live @ MNET [x]
O.K live @ Music Bank [x]
O.K Live @ Inkigayo [x]
O.K Chipmunk version [x]
B1A4 Intro and Talk [x]
B1A4 @ PKL Radio Show Part One [x]
B1A4 @ PKL Radio P 2 [x]
Radio Show Part 3 [x]
B1A4 Live Outdoors @ Music Core [x]
B1A4 'With You' Cover [x]
O.K. on MTV [x]
O.K @ Inkigayo [x]
MTV Starboard [x]
Gongchan fansigning focus [x]
Eatyourkimchi review on OK [x]
Dancing CNU & Gongchan [x]
Random Japanese Show [x]
Match Up Preview [x]
Bachan skinship [x]
Match Up ep. 1 part 1 [x]
Match Up ep. 1 part 2 [x]
MTV Behind the Show [x]
Match Up ep. 2 part 1 [x]
Match Up ep. 2 part 2 [x]
Match up ep. 2 part 3 [x]
"Only Learned Bad Things" 8 in 1 [x]
KPOP ZONE Interview [x]
CNU & Baro Rapping [x]
Match Up ep. 3 part 1 [x]
Match Up ep. 3 part 2 [x]
Match Up ep. 3 part 3 [x]

1. Follow Gaia’s TOS
2. Please be at least semi-literate (No “Waz uuppp, ppls. I totly leik b1a4!!”)
3. Be nice. Seriously.
4. Don't "</3" my thread because you're not a fan. Nobody asked you to go here and do that. Make like bees, haters.

More will be added as I feel necessary.

Nobody. I shall die alone with 72 cats.

Credit goes to FLIGHTB1A4 for the info on the members and the news updates and such.

Updated 24/7

Beautiful Target Mv~

Comeback stage

Any graphic donations would be appriciated greatly ;D
Or art.

NOTE: The pictures and .gifs are not mine and I don't claim them to be. There are other people's unless specified.

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