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Who is your favorite vocaloid?

Miku rin&len luka gachapoid teto other 1 100.0% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 7 ]
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Hey people, i was wondering if people knew about vocaloid, the best music i have ever heard in my life, don't believe it, than you should look it up. Personally, i prefer kagamine rin & len blaugh mrgreen xd xp
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Piko sounds good when used properly, although he gets a bad rep for sounding too "girly".

I really like Gakupo's voice, and he's used in so many songs that I love, such as "Madness of Duke Venomania" by mothy and "Dr. Realist" by cosMo.

(Also, Teto is technically considered an UTAU, and not a VOCALOID, although she has been accepted into the fandom as a BOUKALOID or "fake VOCALOID".)

I'd definitely say I love Gakupo's and Gumi's voice.

KAIMEI is my OTP of the VOCALOID fandom; I think they sound great together. I can't wait to listen to duets when they're released in V3.

Also, I don't dislike Miku at all; I think she can sound beautiful, but some songs don't give her justice.

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All the vocaloids are really good if used right
but my preference would probably be Len and Rin~
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I seem to like the kagamines too~!
I have lots of favorite songs ^-^

My favorite characters are Luka, Miku, Gakupo and Meiko.
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I love Vocaloid! biggrin I'm not the biggest fan though, I have a friend who's obsessed...My favourite is Len heart I think most people likes Len xD ~
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You better recognize this

Who doesn't know this song!? Its Mosaic Roll! <3
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Vocaloid is almost all I ever listen to anymore! I'm a Len-kun fangirl~~~!!! heart

I really love Miku, but I also really like how Meiko sounds, especially in oriental songs. And Piko is probably my second favorite male Vocaloid. And I really like Lily, too. But almost nobody knows how to use her...
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Yes. I have. I like Luka and Gumi.

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