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Epic show. But why does he see the dog? Is it skitzo, or the bottle of robo he drank first episode? Maybe he purma-tripped in 1969 on some lsd? Half of you are stupid for your opinion[iCarly ^^] discuss.
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When I first saw the show it reminded me of Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Waterson, about a precocious, eccentric boy and a stuffed tiger that talked philosophy, politics and semantics with Calvin. To the world Hobbes wasn't alive, but to Calvin he was.

I think that Wilfred might have been created out of Ryan's need for a friend or even as a catalyst for living his life.
Great show (the US version, anyway), but I haven't seen the second season yet, so I feel like any answer I gave would be at least a little uninformed.
I'm not sure, maybe he just has a special skill. hilarious show though I think he's an australian shepherd...
that dog is sleazier than ted.
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I find the sorrow, regret, and guilt it shows is beautiful, and I can relate to it. I really like the show. I wanted to go to the SDCC panel last year, but it was full sad .

I think he has a mental disorder. This was exemplified by his trip to see his mother in the asylum, then at the end it was reveled that she see a cat as a person too. It's probably made worse by his issues and smoking.
I just find it funny. biggrin I love it, the guilt dark sense of humor. :3

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