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ok so im i the only one who rembers and is a fan of Red Dwarf any body any boddy at all
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if by chance there is some one out there then who is your fav character


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and Kryten
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and Rimmer is a SMEG HEAD
xp lol xp jk he is cool
darn i geuse im the only one crying
It has been a really long time since I've seen it so it's hard to pick anyone other than Lister... but for the sake of different opinions I will pick Cat ^_^ Glad other people watched it once upon a time too. I watched it on pbs on their bbc time slots. cat_mrgreen
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Red dwarf is a timeless classic.


It's just started the new series Red Dwarf X. <3
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i loved that show<3
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-kay love you❤
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I love this show!! heart I think Rimmer is my favorite. He's just so ridiculous.
Red dwarf is a timeless classic.


It's just started the new series Red Dwarf X. <3

no way thats asome
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no matter how many times I watch it they are always as funny as the first time. Loving the new series too!
My favorite is Rimmer because he is so ridiculous! But neither Lister or Rimmer would be the same without each other. smile
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My parents were OBSESSED with this show! Unfortunately I can't remember much of it.
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It's one of my all time favourite shows! The new season has really redeemed the shitty back to earth three parter.
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Love Red Dwarf, I am utterly addicted to it!! And I'm obsessed with Rimmer! ~<3 (Love him so bad! XD)
Does the title of the movie portray a cursed character? Odd...
They show red dwarf most nights on abc here in Australia. I only started watching it this year. smile
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Red Dwarf is brilliant. You should all check out the books, too. Kind of Douglas Adams-ey, but more character-driven. They expand wonderfully on the episodes.
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yes I've seen all 9 series several times biggrin

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