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It's so bad it's good. I even have it quoted in my profile. biggrin
I don't even think its that. The acting is horrible and so it the blocking. I actually laughed my a** off when Johnny killed himself cause he was the worst actor I've ever seen. He didn't even look like he was trying. As Nostalgic Critic says "its a sex tape gone wrong..."
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I've heard about that movie before. In Hollywood there's a theater that plays the movie once every month on multiple screens. The "filmmaker" and lead "actor" always shows up to soak up attention from mass crowds of cult fans who come to see it.

My friend went, and really couldn't stand watching it lol
Ima drama kid so it really pissed me off. I thought it couldn't be THAT bad but it was THAT bad.
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Yeah, I think that the fans of the movie like it to make fun of it for being so cruddy, but the guy who made it doesn't realize he's being made fun of.

I also know a guy who said that a friend of his claims that he's the actual Director of that movie, and they didn't take it too seriously, and just decided not to even try to release the movie 'cuz it sucked... So Tommy Wiseau kind of swooped in and started claiming to be the filmmaker.

Dunno how real that is, but it sounds pretty likely to me lol
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It's a quotable, cult classic!
Gotta love it!
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It is just AWFUL. It's hilarious in small doses, but I can't bear to sit through the whole thing.
So.... how's your sex life?

Hahah funny story Mark.
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I watched it on April Fool's Day.
It was honestly the worst thing, but it was funny because of how bad it is. So I somewhat enjoyed it
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"What are you a chicken? Cheeep cheeep cheeep cheeeep cheeeeeeeeeep!" "Nobody insults my favorite farm animal!" Quality entertainment. The Room is so horrible it's actually funny to me. I mean yeas the lines suck, the acting sucks, the dialogue sucks, the plot makes no ******** sense at all. And the characters in the film are all idiots and the movie gets boring. But it is so God damned funny because of how terrible it is. I mean it is a guilty pleasure because it's so bad it's good you know what I mean? It's like a comedy, an unintentional comedy but it is so poorly made it's freaking funny.
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You definitely gotta watch it with Rifftrax, guys, you just do. I've actually watched it about eight times at this point, because it's become tradition to inflict it on everyone.

That and Birdemic.
When my friends and I get drunk enough we just start screaming lines from this movie at each other. heart
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I loved it.
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It's there on my list of "movies that are really phraggin funny at 3am hopped up on caffeine pills" right there in between The Wall and Russian documentarys.

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