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Best REPO Character?

Repo Man/Nathan 0.19811320754717 19.8% [ 42 ]
Blind Mag 0.16037735849057 16.0% [ 34 ]
Graverobber 0.36320754716981 36.3% [ 77 ]
Shilo 0.047169811320755 4.7% [ 10 ]
Rotti 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Luigi 0.061320754716981 6.1% [ 13 ]
Pavi 0.070754716981132 7.1% [ 15 ]
Amber Sweet 0.070754716981132 7.1% [ 15 ]
Genterns 0.0047169811320755 0.5% [ 1 ]
Zydrate Addicts 0.023584905660377 2.4% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 212 ]
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Dr Lycan Wolf
Nathan/Repo Man
is my favorite.

I love the level of depth in his character.

This is why I voted for Nathan in the poll. As far as characters go, he's the best developed. You can't help but hate him, and yet feel sorry for him too.

However, for eye candy? Graverobber all the way!! Oh hell yeah!
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TARDIS Time Lord
I'm sure a billion people have already asked this, but how did REPOmen not get sued for blatantly stealing the idea?

Blatantly stealing what idea?

REPOmen was a movie recently done with Jude law starring in it that almost exactly copied REPO the genetic opera. Look up a trailer. Also, I love Dr. Who. Your clip makes me so sad. sad sad sad "I don't want to go."

There are some similarities, but Repo Men didn't "almost exactly copy" Repo.

I recommend you read these: Idea Repossession? Part 1 and Part 2 by Terrance Zdunich. They will also answer your question about why there was no legal action taken.
I understand that legal action could not be taken because there was enough wiggle room and loop holes, but even the creator of REPO the Genetic opera couldn't help but notice the close similarities.
For one, the main idea of the movies: one big company makes organs for people who need (or want them) and when people can't pay REPO men collect them
For two: The main repoman (Jude law or Anthony Stewart Head) begins to doubt his position and the moral fiber of his job
Three: The company betrays them.

While I'm sure the acting was brilliant and the whole movie was well done, it sits too close to REPO. If the creators had decided to go a different way with it, it would be less unsettling. But as an author myself, I hope my fellow writers would have the artistic integrity to come up with something new and just and shiny on their own, or ask my permission first.
Wow! This is my first time logging into gaia in a very long time. I kinda fell off after getting involved in the Repo! community.
So signing in and seeing this on the first page of the indy/obscure movies section of the forums really warms my heart.

I've been a part of this fandom since before the film came out, and my favorite character has changed several times. I think top on my list right now is Mag. I used to be a huge Shilo fan, though, then Graverobber.

I think that character I'm most disappointed in was Pavi-- he had so much opportunity for creepiness that I feel went completely untapped. He's wearing a woman's face for goodness' sakes!
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I just have to watch it all the time, I mean it just amazing! My favourites are absolutely GraveRobber and Pavi biggrin The are the best in the movie, and GraveRobber sings so amazing that I was like whee Pavi is just cool! The movie is well organized and the songs are something what u r singing about 1 month after u saw the movie
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TARDIS Time Lord
I saw this about a week ago... and I instantly fell in love!
My favorite is the GraveRobber, and I am hoping to start an intelligent conversation about this sensational movie that has me hooked.

Can't stop listening to the music, in a week I have memorized almost all of the lines, and I'm now working on the choreography. I have memorized the choreography of Zydrate Anatomy, though, and it makes me happy.

The only downfall of the movie is Seventeen. Absolutely useless, makes me groan in pain. I have to giggle every time Nathan slaps Shilo, though.

lol, i totally agree razz
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seventeen... why they put that scene in the movie??!( maybe they want to show us how s**t shilo excually is?)
I know this topic has pretty much died and I probably won't get a reply, but I wanted to post this anyway. I saw Repo! live a few months ago and loved it. My friends really wanted to me to go with them to see it, so after a bit of convincing, I finally agreed. Being one of the many new viewers, they of course had to "initiate" me. I was paired with another girl and several others were paired up as well. I think there were about four pairs. Each pair was given a pair of panties and one had to put them on over their clothes and the other had to remove them with their teeth. We were the closest to having them off when the time ran out, so both of us were rewarded with a small spot in a scene. I was the person having their spine removed in "Inopportune phone call".

I loved the show and I might come and see it again, but I'm not as loyal to it as those people who go and see it every Friday night. It was $8.00 to get in and that adds up after a while, but yes, I had a great time.
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I agree this movie is one of the most amazing things I've seen.
I can't stop listening to the songs!
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I simply love REPO, I must say my favorite is Nathan/Repoman, he's a great character, and my favorite song is legal assassin
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I'm glad to see how many people love this movie!

I'm currently trying to find a showing between LA and San Diego sometime, because I want to go as GraveRobber.
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Oh wow! It seems like everywhere I go there is Repo! rofl

I found out about it before it came out by just passing by on the Saw website and I saw a little icon of it in the corner. And then it's history from there on. I was apart of the ZEN shadowcast for about a year and a half as Bandleader, Z-addict, and Gentern. I have to say the best memory I have from Repo was meeting Darren Smith and taking apart a Mr.Bill/Bandleader with him and my boyfriend after one of the shows haha. And the other best thing was meeting my boyfriend because of Repo.

Nowadays I can't even listen to the music or watch the movie xp It took up a whole year and a half of my life. Still, it was a fun movie and despite being repetitive I enjoyed it.
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I was introduced by one of my best friends and her twin. She found it in Hot topic, and immediately had to buy it. About a week later, we went over to her house and became entranced. I fell in love with GraveRobber as soon as his face came on the screen. It was epic win.
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I just want to know why, in a room with swords on display, Shilo uses a SHOVEL.

Also...I made a friend watch Twilight just to make a Repo! reference.
"Remember who you are...."
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Good to know I'm not the only one who knows the whole movie by heart... Some say I watch it too much, but is there such a thing?

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