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So for class we are doing a comparison based on differences between the 1920s and today so Ive come to ask all who are interested which of the two following movies they would like to watch.
The Jazz Singer 1927: A film that truely started the decline of the silent films. It is a slow musical about a man who fights to become an entertainer. A black and white film running at 89 minutes.
The Dark Night Rises 2012- A film about Batman where he returns to the scene to fight a new terrorist leader known as Bane. This fast-paced action movie is filled with sexual content and glorious violence. It runs at 165 minutes.
Please choose one if you can it would really help me out :3
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Probably Jazz Singer. I love old films and not that interested in Batman anyways.
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Personally I'd go with Dark Knight Rises.
I don't really like slow paced movies and I've seen, and liked, Dark Knight Rises.
Me also love old movies & also music..because in this senerio we can't see old type movies....I personally like titanic which is one of the best romantic movie ever...

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Old movies as in 80's or 90's? Because Whats Eating Gilbert Grape was an awesome movie.
I do not think those two films are good to compare - The Jazz Singer was applauded less for being a great film, and more because of how marketable and revolutionary it was to the industry; because it changed the way most other film makers decided to work, and the business of talkies exploded in a way that silent films weren't able to.

The Dark Knight Rises was not necessarily "revolutionary," nor did it mark the decline or advancement of any particular style of cinema.
Perhaps a better example would be a 3D film that began the mainstream use of the media, or if you like comic book films, the first comic book film that was well-made and received positive reviews nationally, such as Tim Burton's Batman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - if you mean even newer examples for the comparison, there are still even more revolutionary films in their own way, like Cloud Atlas.

That said, I'd prefer to re-watch The Dark Knight Rises than The Jazz Singer, but it has nothing to do with the age of the film.
If I was to choose one of those I'd choose "The Dark Knight Rises".

And I hated both of them.

You can't just talk about "Old versus New" and then bring up two completely arbitrary films. You could bring up "Pan's Labyrinth" and " Broken Blossoms" and I'll go with Pan's Labyrinth any day. Just the same, you can talk ask "City Lights" or "Transformers 2" and Chaplin's masterpiece would easily win out.

You can't try to make a comparison between today's society and the past with such a limited scope.
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Well, I dislike older films due mostly to pacing issues and directorial reasons. I like the novelty of a variety of camera angles and speed-ups, slow-downs, all those kind of things. Older films read more like a novel, taking their time whereas newer films are much more quickly-paced which suits me just fine since the slower pacing tends to leave me bored. Also, one will unfortunately run into the Seinfeld Is Unfunny trope in older films, meaning that when someone did something new and creative in the past, it inspired a variety of people in future works, so when one has seen these works that have been influenced by the originator then if one then watches the original it will actually seem unoriginal and uninteresting. Been there, done that.

Due to these reasons as well as the fact that I've already seen the '27 Jazz Singer and haven't seen the new Batman, I would definitely go with Dark Knight Rises.

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