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Tipsy Explorer

Santa Sangre
The Machinist
13 Tzameti
American Mary
The Woman
Lost Highway
Blue Velvet
Twin Peaks (series) or the movie Fire Walk With Me
If you are ever looking for good gore, try an authentic German slasher. Hey, some actually have a pretty reeling story.

Dante yum_strawberry
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Theres a recent film from Korea called Reunion that I liked. Someone already recommended Audition. There was a film from Germany called Anatomy(2000-ish) thats worth watching.
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Familiar Fatcat

Suicide Club(2001) - horror/psychological
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Dlandren Koreq
There was this really good movie on Youtube's free movie section in the horror section. I can't remember the name of it, but it's about this girl whose boyfriend is in the hospital for some reason and when she goes there to see him, all the staff that he has never been there, making it seem like she is crazy. Or something like that. It has Christine Taylor in it. I think it's called Room 666 or something like that. Not sure, though.

It's called "Room 6". I love that movie. The guy who directed that movie, Mike Hurst, was one of my instructors in film school, he's a good guy smile

Also, two words: George Romero.

Amazing little known Romero movie that's hard to find is "Martin". If you get the chance, it's a must see.
IMDB page for "Martin"

I just saw this one and you're right, it's pretty good...
I hope you come back with recomendations like this.
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The Strangers
A Tale of Two Sisters*

*personally, this movie is one of my favorites (not just in the horror genre, but overall)
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Buddy Boy. It's a pretty fun little psychological thriller that I've never heard anybody mention but myself.
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Hilarious Seeker

American Psycho
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Shameless Exhibitionist

Fracture, Ghost train, K-Pax,
Cabin in the Woods is a good horror movie.
Hansel and Gretel was really good ! It's korean so watch it with subtitles

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