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I'm stalking the suggestions posted because i'm looking for some more dramas to watch XD I really enjoyed Boys Over (Before) Flowers. smile

I think my next one will be Coffee Prince. That caught my interest smile
I've been watching Korean Dramas off and on for a couple of years now. I'd have to say what stood out for me was Secret Garden, Protect the Boss, and Coffee Prince.

I think I really liked My Name is Kim Sam Soon too back in the day but it's been so long that I can't really recall the story for the most part.

I recently finished Wild Romance though. Personally, I thought it started off really well but towards the end, it was somewhat disappointing. There was a little side love story, however, between a crazy girl and a robot that I would watch over and over and over again. In the end, I was watching each episode to see how their little romance unfolded.
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I haven't watched a ton of dramas yet, but here are the ones I've seen so far:
You're Beautiful
Boys Over Flowers
Dream High (1 and 2)
Coffee Prince
City Hunter
Secret Garden
Rooftop Prince
Love Rain
I actually started watching Love Rain a couple of days ago, but it was so good I couldn't stop watching it, so I ended up watching it all night long until I had to do yard work the next morning and then I took a shower and watched it until I finished at like 2am this morning.

My favorites are Love Rain, Secret Garden, and City Hunter. heart
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I've only seen a couple, but they were both pretty good. Alone in Love and Can You Hear My Heart. The latter is a bit confusing at first- just a forewarning.
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omg I'm so excited to check all these out! I have started watching Coffee Prince and I'm really really enjoying it. Thanks guys!!!

Coffee Prince was my first Korean Drama, I love it! The same male lead actor is in a newer drama called, Big! It's also very good!! It's hard to take your eyes off him in that drama and his acting is as usual-amazing! Just waiting for the last few episodes to be released for, Big, since it's still currently airing. -le sigh-

Others I would recommend would be, Your Beautiful, Secret Garden, Personal Taste, HeartStrings, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Love Rain, Dal Ja's Spring.

Is there any you really liked that you could suggest? =D I can always use a recommended list of amazing K-drama.
I'm stalking the suggestions posted because i'm looking for some more dramas to watch XD I really enjoyed Boys Over (Before) Flowers. smile

I think my next one will be Coffee Prince. That caught my interest smile

I watched the Japanese version, I may have to watch the Korean one now...it was requested here a few times.
OOOO, watch Coffee Prince, you wont regret it...I didn't! I ended up buying it, lol. If you like the lead male in Coffee Prince, he is also in a new drama called, Big. It's also amazing! The only issue is the last few episodes haven't been released yet because it's still airing. But they should be up within the next few days so it's not so bad.

Note to drama lovers: Try to find dramas that are done airing. It's horrible when you have to wait for the episodes! Anyone else feel like they can't wait for the next episode?? Even though there are many -and I mean MANY- amazing people that translate and have English subtitles up very quickly for us English speakers. Thank-You by the way!!!!!!!!!!!

It was still so very hard to wait for Love Rain and now Big!! I've learned my lesson, lol.
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Dream High & Dream High 2 is a great kdrama to watch. whee u should watch it! blaugh
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I recommend Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It was lighthearted and pretty entertaining.
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I recommend Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It was lighthearted and pretty entertaining.

I'll second this one. It was a lot of fun to watch with a friend. Not that that friend already posted this, and I'm lurking, or anything stare
Man I am all about K-dramas! I watch k-dramas more than regular American tv xD Well here's a list of all the dramas i have seen. (A heart=must see it!)

Coffee Prince~
Boys Before Flowers~
You're Beautiful~ heart heart (Jang Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki [F.T Island] & Yong Hwa are in it)
Secret Garden~ heart heart
Love Rain~ heart (Jang Geun Suk)
Heartstrings~ (CNBlue's front man Yong Hwa)
Beethoven Virus~ (Jang Geun Suk)
Rooftop Prince~

I'm currently watching Operation Proposal, To The Beautiful Me (a very brand new drama w/ Minho from Shinee and Sulli from f(x) ), and Panda and Hedgehog (Donghae from Super Junior)
the last korean drama i watched was rooftop prince! i love it so much!! but i'll tell you right now, that there's this one character in there in named se na. she'll get on your nerves. >.<

dream high is also a good drama, i liked the first one better though. playful kiss, heartstrings, secret garden are all good dramas too! c:

there's also this taiwanese drama called autumn's concerto. IT'S SO GOOD!! <3 you should definitely watch it.
i'm watching this drama called ti amo chocolate right now, and it sucks so bad. crying it's an 80 episode drama. D: but i'm watching it without subtitles, so yeahhh.

i think that dramafever.com is a good website to watch dramas on. it's high quality and it has english subs. the downside of it is that it has commercials. D: but i think that the quality is definitely worth it. (the commercials aren't that long if you make an account-- which is free) c:
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Moui was great!!! 3nodding
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I have seen almost 50 by now..my favorites are Beethoven Virus, My Lovely Sam-Soon, City Hall, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and Rooftop Prince. smile
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A few that I have seen are already mentioned, so I'll add the ones that haven't been:

Vampire Prosecutor, My Queen, I Am Sam, and Can Love Become Money.
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*subscribes to thread*

yay!!!!! more k drama to watch and check out. biggrin

last series i watched is "my name is kim sam soon" since rightstuf was having a drama sale. and i just finished a movie on netflix called "project makeover".

i find myself loving the comedy dramas more than just straight up drama. and i started watching dramas this year actually. xd gotta love how on a whim netflix has this stuff.

here's what i seen so far:

project makeover
finding mr. destiny
secret (taiwan)
please teach me english

personal taste
my princess
my name is kim sam soon
lie to me
secret garden
playful kiss
dream high
dream high 2
romance town
my fair lady
cinderella man

my favorite series are "my princess", "lie to me", and.... not sure if i have a third yet. "sam soon" was funny but i was more surprised the guy in it is also the skinny weirdo in "secret garden". xd

one thing though, a lot of these series have great music and it's a shame i can't find any of it. it like, gets stuck in your head and that is the worse. like "dream high" lol!!!!!!! xd

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