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Joyeux Noel, As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me, and Hero
Jan Svankmajer's Alice is a very creative and surreal take on the classic Alice in Wonderland story, dubbed in English.

The Young Girls of Rochefort is a wonderful, lighthearted French musical from the 60s featuring Gene Kelly, subtitled.

Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast is one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. Every frame is a work of art. Also subtitled.

Wings of Desire is another absolutely beautiful film. It's multilingual, but largely in German, and Nick Cave has a cameo!
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-Hiroshi Inogaki's Samurai Trilogy "A Trilogy following the character growth of Musashi from brash—yet strong—young soldier to thoughtful and introspective samurai, culminating in Musashi's duel with the greatest opponent he would ever face." A 1950's Japanese film trilogy.

-The Swedish film Let The Right One In. " 2004 vampire fiction novel by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist. The story centers on the relationship between a 12-year-old boy, Oskar, and a centuries-old vampire child, Eli. It takes place in Blackeberg, a working class suburb of Stockholm, in the early 1980s. The book focuses on the darker side of humanity, dealing with issues such as existential anxiety, school bullying, ******* and murder."

Hong Kong film KOMA. "A psychological thriller."

All three do have english subtitles, and the last two have multilingual options. I highly highly recommend all five films! Enjoy! 3nodding
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The Burmese Harp (Biruma no tategoto) (Japanese, 1956) is a wonderful movie.
Fritz Lang's M (German, 1931), and Napoléon (French, 1927).
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There's this French movie called "Tais-toi!" (Shut up!) It's a comedy movie about a murderer and an idiot trying to break out of prison.
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I liked the Blind Swordsman Zatoichi (the older ones then the 2003) and Kwaidon.
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Whale Rider
The Band's Visit
A Separation
4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days
Russian Ark
The Return
The Mirror
Amores Perros
Certified Copy
Once Upon A Time in Anatolia
Burma VJ
Waltz With Bashir
The Triplets of Belleville
Glass Lily
Meshes of the Afternoon
Also that dub rule sounds weird. Unless it's a voice-over thing that exists like Sans soleil I just find it utterly stupid.

Oh, I said the same thing (heck, I'm the sort who watches English programs with subtitles). Her reasoning was when she sat down to watch a foreign film with her parents, they couldn't follow the subtitles, so it'd be better for the older people to have a dub available. But honestly, older people are probably not going to be the ones interested, and if they really are, then hopefully they won't let subtitles stop them -- since many don't have dubs available in the first place. I'm going to insist on my list whether or not they have dubs.

As somebody who works in a theater that occasionally receives foreign films, subtitles do not stop older viewers. Older audiences are usually the only ones coming to those films.
In addition, people who don't watch subtitled films are less likely to watch a foreign film, dubbed or otherwise.

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