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The New Adventures of Old Christine(CBS or NBC?): ******** awesssssomeeee. I love Julia Louis Dreyfus and not just because she has the same name as me, lol

Leverage(TNT): My mom got me in to this show and after we found out it got cancelled and watched the last episode we immediately made an online petition to bring it back and we had more than like 2,000 signatures so we sent it in an email to headquarters and their Facebook account to no avail xD we also found out there was an even bigger petition so we just quit.

United States of Tara(HBO or Showtime?): Great acting and script. Highly recommend if you happen to see some episode online.

Brooklyn Love Story(ABC): Recently cancelled even though it was a perfect show. I shipped the two main characters so hard!!

Bad Judge(NBC): Still airing but already set to be cancelled soon. Pretty funny!

That's basically it except maybe a few cartoons but I haven't experienced much cancelled shows since I mostly seem to watch ones that stay on.
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Fruits Basket and DN Angel, for obvious reasons emotion_donotwant
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Better off Ted

Pushing Daisies

Dead like me


Dresden Files



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The Hard Times of RJ Berger. That show was amazing!
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I really loved the show Awake on NBC. That show definitely had the potential to go more than one season.
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My So Called Life
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OMG! this was one of those shows of my teenage years, that got me thru life! I sooo identified and related to Angela Chase!
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Red Band Society crying
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                  and the pentacorn spoke thus;
                  I know it technically 'concluded' but they did try for a season two and failed miserably to get it.

                  Oh and when Parks & Rec ends my girlfriend and I already confirmed we'll be crying together, so, there's also that.
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Almost Human.
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Are You Afraid Of The Dark
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I miss Firefly and Dark Angel sad
My So Called Life
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United States of Tara. It was one of those rare shows that got better with time and they cancelled it way too early on/when things were really getting interesting. UGH. SUCH A CLIFFHANGER.

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