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The Tomorrow People I liked the show but the second they moved it to Monday nights the ratings went into the crapper. Thanks a lot CW for killing a good show.
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Pushing Daisies We never got a proper ending.
The Carrie Diaries
Veronica Mars
I know there are more...
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I'd have to say my favorite show that got cancelled is kinda recent. I'm kinda ticked they cancelled it. It's called "Alphas"

They at least gave Doll House a proper like ending. It didn't just suddenly end, like a lot of the cancelled series does.I know a bunch but for some reason they've all slipped my mind.
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Freaks and Geeks
The Paradise
The IT Crowd (I just wish there had been a season 5 sad )

I wish we could have seen how the show would have ended if it had gone on as the creators intended. And ahh, Dale Cooper... wink I have such a weakness for weird 90s shows.

Any Twin Peaks fans here? Have a cup of joe and a slice of cherry pie heart
Show that ended far too soon. Which are you still upset over?

Teen Titans was my childhood show, i watched that way too much
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'lie to me' even if the second season wasn't as great as the first one , it didn't deserved to be cancelled.....
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I would've loved to watch more of these shows:

Almost Human
Crossing Jordan
Martial Law
24 (ok, so it was revived recently for a shortened season, but I want to see more!)
Being Erica
Home Improvement
The New Adventures of Old Christine

Probably a couple more as well but can't think of them at this time.
Dead like me.
Hello ladies.

everything i crave...gets cancelled. leaving an empty hole of whats if's......*sigh*
Oh yea Batman Beyond and Xmen Evolution. They were pretty rushed in the last seasons.
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Special Unit 2.
Almost ******** Human ******** You Fox.

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Pushing Daisies. That show was hilarious. crying
Firefly, and Almost Human. FOX has a habit of canceling really good scifi shows.

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