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Has anyone said Pushing Daisies yet?

Oh well. Pushing Daises. I hear it's going to Broadway though possibly?? One can only hope.

Came here to post this. Also, Strangers With Candy.
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I'm still very much missing House M.D.

I can't believe that they cancelled House even though the actors were willing to cut their pay.
Also, I think they handled the last few episodes wrong.
It just felt rushed and all around not right (I really think Cuddy should have made an appearance to really round things out).
I do, however, like how they left things open in case House were to return.

Politital Animals (Not sure what's going on with this show, was it a one season deal, if so weird ending, was it cancelled, what? Anyways very very interesting and absorbing show)

USA Network had promoted Political Animals as a "Limited Series Event," aka a miniseries.
Because the show had become so popular, a lot of people had assumed there would be a second season; however this is not the case.

Personally, I'm extremely upset that Fairly Legal on USA Network has been canceled.
It was an excellent show.
This is the one show I don't think I'll ever be able to get over.

There used to be a show on NBC called Mercy; I think it was on in 2009/2010?
It only had one season that I know of and I never saw it return.
I thought it was pretty good.
The 4400
Pushing Daises
Hey Arnold!
Bugs Bunny cartoons
Both "Lie to Me" and "Firefly" were cancelled by Fox.
What does Fox have against good television shows!?
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pushing daisies.
it had alot of talent..

& the dresden files.
best book series ever & the tv show did great justice.
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i miss kyle xy!

me too! it was a kickass, fascinating show!!
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Pushing Daisies. To this day I'm pissed that it got canceled and I didn't pay attention to it when it was (briefly) on air. It was a clever, innovative show that could have been so awesome had it lived longer.

Lie to Me. I never got around to finishing the series but I enjoyed what I saw so it still disappoints me that it got canceled.

Arrested Development. There's a new season and a movie coming up, as this forum probably already knows, so I feel less bad about it's cancelation. This is probably an unpopular opinion but I've got mixed feelings about the new material.

United States of Tara. The show's cancelation made season 3 suffer, in my opinion. It was an awesome show that, due to it's premise, needed at least two more seasons to peak and grow.
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terra nova, invasion, surface, and there are some more that can't name
United States of Tara. The show's cancelation made season 3 suffer, in my opinion. It was an awesome show that, due to it's premise, needed at least two more seasons to peak and grow.

Yeah? I thought there could possibly have been more they could do with it, but I was mostly glad that it was completed while it was still fresh. It would've made me really sad to see the writing dry up, and it didn't feel like there was much of a plot to go anywhere further, except maybe take longer looking into the Bryce backstory, since the systematic trauma behind DID is generally a really big deal, and a whole (if horrible) story of its own.
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5ever judging ABC
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Clone High

It was goofy but and MTV has gone to s**t since then, but I really liked that show.

This, and Huge. It was on ABC Family back in 2010(?) and it made to 10 episodes before being cancelled :c
I liked that show
Terriers. Bastards.
I was expecting the Firefly posts (and I obviously agree with them).
And then someone mentioned Hey Arnold... ow, my heart crying
Also, I really miss Are You Afraid Of The Dark. It was just a downright good series in my opinion. And how can you not love that opening? smile
The Hard Times of RJ Berger. It used to be on MTV. The last episode of the second season left it on a cliffhanger and then, even though the show was doing well, MTV cancelled it in favor of putting on more reality crap. Now I'll never know what happens! crying
i remember that show

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