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Tripping the rift
Loved both of those..
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Hey Arnold!

Too many cliff hangers!! burning_eyes
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MADtv just for the skits. I did notice a decline from 2005 onwards especially when they resorted to do regular stand-up.
Kidnapped!!!!!!!!!! The show was so well done yet they stopped airing it on TV after 5 episodes and put the rest online. 13 episodes is just not enough! Also someone else mentioned Chicago Code which I agree with. :'(
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I can't remember if i've already replied to this or it was another thread.

Anyway Freaks and Geeks and Party Down were cut way too short. They were so hilarious! At least we're getting a Party Down movie C:
Has anyone said Pushing Daisies yet?

Oh well. Pushing Daises. I hear it's going to Broadway though possibly?? One can only hope.
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Don't even get me started!

The Almighty Johnsons (OhMyGod big mistake! This show was amazing! Ahhh! I don't even want to think about it. I WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! scream ) I take that back it was renewed because of it's beautiful fanbase!
Survivors (I really really love deadly virus/end of the world types shows, so this was the best thing that could ever happen! And for some strange reason it was cancelled)
V (I didn't watch the first season because I didn't want to get attached to another show that was destined to be canceled because this kind of show doesn't really make it on normal TV, and when I heard it got picked up for a second season I got into it and guess what happened then)
The 4400 (Yes the plot lulled a bit in the middle of the last season, but at the end it was getting so good! Over all story was pretty awesome too)
Huge (loved the story and characters)
Scoundrels (US remake of Outrageous Fortune but still good)
Tower Prep (Soooooooo good! It's like the network forgot about this after the first season, awesome cast and great story going on, love this)
Campus (Maybe i"m the only one who found this absolutely hilarious)
Eureka (Sort of cancelled but nicely, with a complete ending I feel good about, not just out of the blue you'll never know what happens next, never, EVER!)
The Deep End (Initially only watched this for Norbert Leo Butz, but then I got hooked. Yea it's another legal drama but I liked the characters in this show more than any other like it)
Kings (I was a bit weary of this at first, it being based on the Bible and all, but it was actually very good. NBC may not have been the right pace for it though)
Carnivàle (Maybe they held on to too much of the mystery too long, or maybe the antichrist stuff was too crazy for TV, but for me first episode had me hooked)
Politital Animals (Not sure what's going on with this show, was it a one season deal, if so weird ending, was it cancelled, what? Anyways very very interesting and absorbing show)
Spooks: Code 9 (This wasn't really given a chance, I watched Spooks up until Tom Quinn left and I was done with that, but Code 9 came along and I was willing to try it and I loved it!)
Desperate Romantics (Why? Why? Loved this show, sure it was about artists but still..)
Psychoville (Really weird show, funny, but weird. And I really want to know what was going on!)
Young James Herriot (I thought this was gonna come back for sure. Did they ever show this on PBS because I feel like people who liked Call the Midwife would also like this and might have kept it alive.)
Coming of Age (Funny little show smile )
State of Georgia (This was no worse than other ABCFamily comedies, and who doesn't love Raven!)
Merlin on NBC (I enjoyed getting this awesome show and not having to have cable to see a decent show, but again NBC doesn't know what they're doing, it was an awkward home)

I everyone everywhere to watch all of these all day everyday forever(, unless you hate not knowing the ends of stories...) heart
PS I told you not to get me started sweatdrop
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The Doctors Girl1991
mine probably died a long time ago xp

Red Dwarf smile

But it came back! YAY! whee
Veronica Mars
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Firefly definitely.

I'm still angry over that. Grr. So good: great acting, great idea, great writing, Joss Whedon, the music, oh my god why did it end, why?!?

Fox ended up airing the episodes out of order. People got confused, lost interest and the show was cancelled.
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Motorcity is going to be cut :c last episode is on December 21, 2012 oddly enough.
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Has anyone said Pushing Daisies yet?

Oh well. Pushing Daises. I hear it's going to Broadway though possibly?? One can only hope.

Oi. That show was amazing, to me, at least. The ending was obviously very hurried and messy. Expectations were risen and it did not fulfill.
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Dead Like Me
Freaks and Geeks

and one cartoon: Megas XLR
I thoroughly agree with the people who said Firefly and The Finder and Angel and Invader Zim. I must add Danny Phantom. It was an unsatisfying ending that was far too rushed...
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I really miss Boston Public. For some reason I just loved that show and was very sad when it was cancelled.

I was probably most upset about Firefly and Veronica Mars being cancelled. I still get upset to this day thinking about it.

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