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If anyone remembered or sen the movie called The Exorcist.
I came from a Christian family so I'll believe that there were angels, demons and such things.
Nevermind about my boring background, and I messed up the parts of the movie since I had watch this few months ago.
I was planning to talk about one of the best movie, such the creepy head turning to 180 degrees, the pea-soup vomit and the soundtrack were just amazing.
Surprisingly, this movie scared the living the daylights of the audiences, so it happens that they turned to religious and confessed their sins.

However, that wasn't the case with the sequel, Exorcist II: The Heretic.
It was considered to be the worst film ever. And I had to see it to know the differentiates...
Well, I couldn't say it's that bad once I heard the annoying wailing of a possessed woman and as cruel as it is, I actually laughed when she burns up in flames.
(( To calm anyone down, I'm happened to be half Spanish and it's not only her death that makes me laugh ))

The movie is so confusing, that you noticed that even after four or five years of Ragan's demonic possession, they actually talk about it. For the record , they do mentioned the sick Priest Merrin from the first film. And the depressing part is, nobody mentions or gives a crap about Father Damien Karras, the person who drove the demon out of Ragan's body into his own and kills himself.

I don't know there was a such a thing called a synchronize , which that hypnotizes two people and synchronize their brainwaves... emotion_facepalm
Because of that, Regan and Father Lamont can speak telepathically and sometimes felt the same pain, like the scene where Regan was tap-dancing and felt the pain when Lamont being stoned for speaking to the devil.

*Sighed* It was so bad, that I nearly fell asleep and kept yawning throughout this horrible sequel. Only thing that creeps me out were the darn doll was being burned into flames. I hate dolls.
Pretty much, I might be lousy at this review but whatever you do, don't watch it. It's a completely waste of two good hours.

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I think Exorcist II is a lot of fun.

Linda Blair has never been sexier.
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I think Exorcist II is a lot of fun.

Linda Blair has never been sexier.

SOMEBODY hasn't seen Zapped!.

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