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I'm super into movies from the 1930's and cult classics and I was wondering if anyone knew some good movies I should watch. I'm especially into 70's horror movies and Joan Crawford movies. Alfred Hitchcock is alright but his movies tend to drag out sometimes.
Any recommendations for classic TV shows (circa 1960's or 1950's) would also be helpful ^_^ thank you!
You might like the original version of the Killers from 1946 -


The Killing from 1956 is also classic Noir from Kubrick -


Double Indemnity is excellent -


The Friends of Eddie Coyle -


Point Blank -


Charley Verrick -

Prime Cut -


Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia -


The Long Good Friday -


A classic sleaze / exploitation film -


Mona Lisa -


Blood Simple -


Most of those are crime noir or neo noir films, they should keep you busy.

For horror or explotation I alway try Jack Hill, Larry Cohen, Romero, Argento, Fulci, and Lustig first.

Hope some of these were of interest.

biggrin .
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I assume you've seen "It Happened One Night."
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Merry Rogue
I assume you've seen "It Happened One Night."

I've been wanting to sad It was on TMC once but it was at like 4 AM
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I don't know if you're into old Japanese films at all but if you have about 3 hours to kill Seven Samurai is a fantastic classic out of Japan.

Um hmm.. The Seventh Seal is pretty good. It's a Swedish film from 1957 about a knight playing a game of chess with Death.
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Izawa Aya
I don't know if you're into old Japanese films at all but if you have about 3 hours to kill Seven Samurai is a fantastic classic out of Japan.

Um hmm.. The Seventh Seal is pretty good. It's a Swedish film from 1957 about a knight playing a game of chess with Death.

If you can link me to any online versions with subtitles, I'll definitely check them out ^_^
Anything with Humphry Bogart is awesome. Appart fromm the more well known titles, African Queen and Key Largo are two I recommend.
I'd recommend House. It's a 70's Japanese horror film. The special effects were very ahead of it's time. Plus it's hilarious. Yet just creepy enough. For me, at least.
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If you like humor mixed with mystries
The Thin man film series
Charlie Chan(unless you're easly offended)

Mr Blandings Builds his dream hose
The Time of their lives(old Abbot and Castello film)
Anything by the Marx Brothers.

Cult Classics/Thriller:
Plain 9 from outer space(so bad it warps back to being good)
They Live
Krull(not to be confused with Krull the conqueror)
Logan's Run
Omega Man(creeped the hell out of me as a kid)
House on Hanuted hill(The one with Vincent Price not he remake)
Last Man on Earth(also Vincent Price)
Soliten Green(unless you've seen it already)
Fail-Safe(the one with Henry Founda and Walter Mutthau)

I agree with Izawa Aya Seven Samurai is just amazing.

I know a few of these are from the 80s in the cult clasic section, but are still worth watching.
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The Thin Man and the sequels are brilliant crime mixed with comedies. William Powell also had another mystery movie called The Kennel Murder Case, and also was in My Man Godfry in which he's a multimillionaire who decided to live like a hobo until a woman made a bet with a bunch of guys about taking a homeless man and turning him into a high class butler. He was a very good actor in his time.

Anything with Humphry Bogart in is good, so seconding that suggestion. African Queen was my favorite along with Father Goose for wartime romance comedies.

If you want hard-to-find classics, try Private Eyes which is about a couple bumbling private investigators that end up trying to rid a house of spooks. There is also The Raven with Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi filmed in 1935. And The Raven filmed in 1963 with Peter Lorie, Boris Karloff and Vincent Price. They are so not related to each other but still classics.

And if you like a little western in the horror, try Westworld which is about a theme park filled with robots that goes insane. The main villain is a robotic gunman from the Wild West.
Have you ever seen Peeping Tom? It's a British movie that came out the same year Psycho did, somewhere between a serial killer story and psychological drama. There are some corny bits, but overall it's a great film.

And if you like Joan Crawford, I suggest you see Strait Jacket if you haven't already. It's super-corny and kinda dumb (the twist comes right the heck out of nowhere), but it's still a good watch.

And as for TV shows, I always have to recommend Star Trek. It's big, silly, fun, sometimes touching, and such a big part of American culture that you can't miss it. (Bias? I don't have a bias.)
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Broken Blossoms(D.W. Griffith) Watched it today and a very great movie
Hadaka no Shima. Dialogue-less semi-documentary that deserves more attention. Must say this is my favorite film at the moment :3

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