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If you're looking for weird, watch Tetsuo: The Iron Man
Or dive deep into Japanese cinema.
Or anything David Lynch or Cronenberg.

Can't fail with any of those.
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Man Bites Dog

Subtitled.. french film. Might wanna check first about local laws. I've heard it was banned in many places. I recommend being 18+ to see it. Not sure of the actual rating, if there is one at all. Check it out in the link.

More info:
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What about Inception? It's action-y, weird, kind of convoluted, and has some nice special effects.
I don't know if it's been said already but." Big Trouble In Little China" That is the most strange, funny, and just retarded movie ever. Lol It's amazing. Like my favorite movie of all time.XD
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Pink Flamingos will blow your mind. If you get it, let me know because its just the most outlandish, random thing I've ever seen.
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I don't know if you're paying attention to your thread anymore, because I read through the first half of the thread and didn't see any posts from you after awhile.

Anyway, I didn't read the last half of the thread, but I doubt anyone has mentioned the ones that I have to list. I like to think I'm a King, or at the very least a kick-a** Duke of screwed up obscure films.

"Rubber's Lover" - Black & white Japanese Cyberpunk film.
"Nails" - Russian mind trip of a film.
"Visions of Suffering" - Russian, made by same filmmaker as "Nails" and in same style.

But there were some damn good films listed by people in this thread biggrin
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Oh yeah, and you said the more gore the better. Well, all three that I listed have gore, and it's done in a very non-traditional way as well.

Just as an example: "Nails" is about a guy who hammers nails into his head to stop from having psychological torment, and it gets worse, and you watch him do it each time smile
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Johnny Get Your Gun
Uzumaki is always good...
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Idr if I've posted here before but El Topo.
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the truman show.
donnie darko.
hide & seek.
dark waters.
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Only skimmed through, so I'm not sure if this has been suggested. Check out Valhalla Rising. It's not as strange as what the other people are suggesting, but it's strange enough.
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Jan Švankmajer's Alice ( 1988 ) and Fellini Satyricon ( 1966 )
I don't know if this has been suggested, but The Holy Mountain's a pretty good one.

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