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Most of my RateYourMusic wishlist is picked for this.
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Did someone beat me to suggesting The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus?
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Pan's Labyrinth was awesome!
Also The Village and The Others for a unexpected ending.
Distric 9 for me was weird but great, because it really portrays real life discrimination.
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Please watch I'm Here. Its a sci-fi romance by spike jonze
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Chain Letter is a good movie if you can stand gory movies

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From what I remember of it, The Great Yokai War is pretty strange.
hmmmmm try killer clowns from outerspace. its kinda old but its still cool smile
A Clockwork Orange (actually, anything directed by Kubric is a pretty good bet), Requiem for a Dream, Heathers... If you want something REALLY disturbing there's always A Serbian Film, but don't say I didn't warn you *shudders*
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Don't know if these have been suggested or not, sorry for being redundant if they have.

Good d**k. Sleeping Beauty (Emily Browning version). To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Love Julie Newmar. Pi (normailly it's the symbol). Mary & Max.
Dog Soldiers
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Eyes Wide Shut, Feed, 9 Songs, Histoire d'O, Pan's Labyrinth, The Holy Mountain, Das Experiment ( try german films, they are good at messing with the head)
I recently saw Black Swan for the first time. That seriously blew my mind away. It's really good.
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Pink Flamingos, Anything by David Lynch, and Freaks.

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