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I like really weird movies. Like "What the hell what just happened?" stuff. Anything that screws with perception of reality or is extremely surreal or philosophical. The gorier the better, though I hate just hack and slash serial killing stuff. I just want bizarre and strangely filmed. And I like them to be dark.

And nothing generic like Waking Life, Pi, Doom Generation Dark City, etc.

Please and thank you. =)
Please? I need new movies.
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You want a strange, gory movie? Try "Delicatessen." It's French, so find one with subtitles. It's not well-known here in the States, and is definitely bizarre, but from your description I think you would like it.
Thanks, I definitely will check it out.
Cemetery Man


Tears of the Black Tiger

Night of the Creeps

Let the Right One In

Twin Peaks (movie before the TV series)

The Howling

Trick R Treat

just to start off with...
OH and Teeth!
The movie Naked Lunch, is like watching your brains leak out of your nose.
Jacob's Ladder is also quite a head scratcher.
RepoMan (Not the Opera, Not Repo Men)
Freaks is an old black and white movie that was banned during the time. Tame today but still strange.
Try "Creep". Its british, gorey and has those what the hell just happened moments. I didn't sleep very well after watching it.
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Paprika is extremely surreal and has a few moments of 'Whoooa, what just happened??'. I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for but it's a good watch anyway.
I would second Delicatessen. Awesome movie.
Some others:
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Hard Candy
I know I got more...I may come up with them later.
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You've seen Mulholland Dr., I presume?

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