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I suggest. . . .

1.) Father Ted
2.) Coupling
3.) Mr. Bean
4.) Black Adder
4.) As Time Goes By
5.) Waiting for God
6.) Keeping Up Appearances
7.) Are You Being Served?
8.) Monty Python
9.) Fawlty Towers
10.) The Inbetweeners
11.) My Family
12.) Barbara
13.) My Hero
14.) The Vicar of Dibley
15.) Red Dwarf
The League of Gentlemen
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Look Around You
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Look Around You

OMG. I love this show. I really wish we could Season 2 DVD over here in the states.
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Peepshow, the office (of course), and the Mitchell and Webb series.
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You could give Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy a go, if you enjoyed The Mighty Boosh. I'm not sure how it compares, and reviews have been mixed, but it's one to add to the list, I guess?
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Monty Python, hands down. It's really absurd, but that's the whole point of it. The movies are also funny, as well.
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I'd recommend The Catherine Tate Show and Monty Python's Flying Circus 3nodding
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"Modern Toss" was hilarious. So was "Wrong Door." XD
Brass Eye (though I see that's been mentioned already)
If you liked Brass Eye then you'll also like the radio show On The Hour and the TV show based on it, The Day Today. They're a parody of news programs and very funny.
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QI is great. And on Youtube. So yay!
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My favorites are "Black Adder," "Red Dwarf," "Spaced," and "Misfits" (which, while having many funny moments, is more of a drama, I guess).

But I also love "Are You Being Served?"

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