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(LA based, played their first shows with Ramshackle Glory and Bomb the Music Industry)
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here i'll leave you with this Rory Ferri (aka greastest humanoid ever)
This is my new band called Topodiago this is our official gaia account because gaia is awesome as ******** but i think were pretty obscure check ous out !!!!
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I think i might win here
Criminal Shift, ladies and gentledudes
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Definitely... No Sir
Dr. Bones
98.5% on the obscure - o - meter
Dr. Bones
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do my friends bands count
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The most obscure artist I know?
Hockey Slut
An experimental guitar and drum outfit I saw at a coffee shop once. No recordings and there was only one band member.

The most obscure artist I listen to?
A queer punk band I used to roadie for.


A band my best friend and I discovered on youtube. Exclusively live recordings that are extremely hard to find. Active in the mid nineties in Austin, TX. Apart of the Austin Slob-Rock scene.
Kind of genre defying in some instances. Truly amazing. If anyone wants an album, my friend and I compiled an album from a full live set.
Noodle is forever.

Dust Heaven.
Ukrainian darkwave band.
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Tipsy Prophet

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Tech nine. he's like icp but cooler and grimmer

There are millions of dedicated Techn9cians.... they've shared a label and done music together, but obscure? Hmmmmmm......
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Sea Wolf. Y'all heard of him? Course not, he's that obscure emotion_dealwithit He's the BEST
Sea Bar Sabretache is pretty darn obscure


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