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the obscurometer site is pretty cool, and i was only momentarily creeped out that i could look up my last.fm on it.
The charts say Six Twilights is the most obscure. Which makes sense since it was only the one album that was put out
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Nero's Day at Wonderland.
This guy is obscure as hell.
Give him sum love
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according to obscurometer and stuff in my itunes library
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Sopor Aeternus and the Ensamble of Shadows. She doesn't even tour. EVER.

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JI a r v i s
Mine's Mesita And Beirut(Well...Beirut Not So Much, But Definitely Mesita~)

Are any of the members of Mesita in The xx? They sound really similar...but really similar to me...
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The Raveonettes:


The Fruit Bats:

There are others, but those two stand some chance of recognition from people.. maybe.
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Belle & Sebastian

jk, according to my last.fm, artists that got only 1 play are The Quarter After and Thee Unstrung. I think Pandora found them.
a lot of people consider me to listen to obscure stuff but the most obscure would probably have to be:


Those four would have to be some examples♥
Liam Hayes & Plush.
I like how the music has a 60's/70's vibe.
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La Dispute, maybe?

Below is my current favorite song by them.

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Probably Teen Suicide or Hop Along.
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My First Castle, probably.

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