Just a reminder to please stop making generic threads on Emo.

While you are more than welcome to discuss bands that fit this catagory here (assuming that they fit this subforum, ie, are on an independent label or no label, and do not already have a thread currently that discusses them), please do not make threads that are intended to generically discuss a particular type of music or music scene.

In other words:

Some indie is emo, but not all emo is indie.


Being a 'Local Band' does not make them indie.

Remember, all bands are local to somewhere. For the purposes of this forum, an indie band is a band on an indie label or unsigned.

Threads should be made to address /specific/ bands.

So a thread that just asks people to post 'about their local bands' is not appropriate for the forum.

Please do not make 'post about your local bands here' threads.

Thank you for your co-operation in reducing traffic in this forum and increasing the potential for discussion here.