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merely a discussion thread for neutral milk hotel, one of my favorite bands!! make sure to mention which one of the albums is your favorite and what songs, too!! yum_puddi
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I like the song Naomi....
I recently read a book where they were the main character's favorite band..
I hadn't really heard of them before that. They're pretty chill though..
I love Neutral Milk Hotel. Jeff Magnum heart is awesome.
i like in the aeroplane over the sea the best, although to be fair, i've not listened to on avery island nearly as much. but. oh comely is fantastic <3
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i like in the aeroplane over the sea the best, although to be fair, i've not listened to on avery island nearly as much. but. oh comely is fantastic <3

yeah, same. i dont like on avery island as much as itaots but the songs on on avery island that i do like make up for the ones that i dont like as much
I like Neutral Milk Hotel! Holland, 1945 is my favourite song by them. I like Communist Daughter as well.
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have one of their records playing on my record player right now razz
I haven't heard On Avery Island yet, but I have In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, and I absolutely love it.
Holland, 1945 is definitely my favorite. I always sing along to it and Song Against Sex in the car.

I think my favorite line from any song though is:

"they'll be lacing fingers through the notches in your spine"

from Two-Headed Boy. The imagery is just amazing, I can't get enough of it.
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My Dreamgirl Don't Exist is one of my favourite songs. There are sites all about that host alot of the rare demos and whatnot, and some higher quality live recordings from NMH and Jeff Magnum shows, you should check them out. Holland 1945 is a close second favourite.
'Catching signals that sound in the dark, we will take off our clothes, and they'll placing fingers through notches in your spine.' Never gets old.
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Come on. It's not like we all haven't jerked off to Anne Frank before.
Holland, 1945 and Two-Headed Boy are my favorite songs for sure.

Oh, and in Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Neutral Milk hotel is the main character's favorite band (:
I Love "Two headed boy" c:
If anyone still cares about this thread, i found an artist you should defiantly check out if you like NMH. It's Jordaan Mason and the Horse Museum. They are a lot darker than NMH but have a similar lyrical style as Jeff and use a lot of instrumentation as well. defiantly worth checking out.


My favorite NMH songs are My Dream Girl Don't Exist, Two Headed Boy Pt.2, Naomi, April 8th, Song Against Sex, Little Birds, the list goes on...

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