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Orange Sunglasses.
The band logo would be a cow.
Construction Paper.
The logo would just be a hammer.
i love these names i have come up with a few but not sharing and im going to decide with my other band memeber! i dont use generators i think you should come up with it not someone else
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The Awesome Courageous Octopus
The Forgotten
Perfect Imperfection
Important Possibilities
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onion roots
purple hippos
naked ghosts
undercut mullets
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There's a universe inside my mind...

The Children of Eve
Scornful Remarks
Ribbons of Life

Full of secrets that I'm yet to find.
of these eyes
deer bones
narwal the narwal
she glows brightly
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Tipsy Lover

Milky Mustard Mellowphant
Taxi, Oh Clap
Gerard and the gang
Sea my Ocean
Jump flapn' Jackets
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Invisible Fatcat

summer mittens

outside in

philomena's revenge

crayon on the wall

two timers

back ally barbies

uhh......i had more... cannot remember for the life of me.
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of these eyes
she glows brightly
/loves on these two
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The Impregnable Walruses
Wisdom Teeth Unicorn Girls (though this may be a rap/hip hop group. Look up 'wisdom teeth unicorn' on youtube and you'll understand why.)
Fat Bottomed Narwhals
Kittens of Doom
Rocking Kitties
The Silver Narwhals
Golden moo-cows
The Trick-or-treaters
Psychotic Teddy Bears
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Neon Nairobi Club
Vintage Dragonflys
Twisted Fascinators
Vespa Vespa GO
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Hmm. Well i notice most good band names are short and/or catchy. Or sometimes they are a word that nobody really uses. Let me see like....

-Peacock to Turtle
IDK I know these are bad nut ehh i gave it a try lol xp
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Any Three Words
deer in lights

i also really like "indecision "

my mother used to say she would call her band
Miss B. Haven
i think it sounds like an indie band name.
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ooh, also

"upside down and sideways"

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