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Have you heard of them?

Yes 0.54736842105263 54.7% [ 52 ]
No 0.45263157894737 45.3% [ 43 ]
Total Votes:[ 95 ]
This poll closed on March 9, 2009.
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You were way before your time! And called it quite far too soon.

If your second album was only as good as your phenominal first release crying

is this thread still running? sad
Got to party with them after a show in '06 made out with Jemina (we were both drunk)
Hands down best night of my life.
The people commenting in this thread have no idea how Nashville or the music industry works or how cursed rock bands from Nashville are. NONE OF THESE PEOPLE ARE EVER SUCCESSFUL. They all get raped by the record labels and piss all of their money away as soon as they think they've hit the "big time". I see Matt Friction (ugh, using that stupid stage name of his makes me cringe) getting drunk and shooting pool at the Gold Rush on Elliston all the ******** time. Nobody, I mean nobody is going to remember or even give a s**t about a horrible band like The Pink Spiders in twenty years. Talentless ********. Hope Jemina enjoyed her picture in Spin magazine and her fifteen minutes of fame, because she's doomed to middle class obscurity just like every other "rock star" from Nashville.
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what do y'all think of jemina's solo record?
sweet baby jesus i hate her solo record. i was so hyped for it to come out and when it did it sounded like an imitation of BYOP which of course is weird as a** cuz it was HER band.
j'adore get awkward, though.
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same here!

i ******** love the stooges (fun haus 4 life y'all) but iggy kind of wrecked the one potentially good track on the album (i hate people.) i wish i had audio editing skillz because i'd just wipe his vox.
all the rest was like byop, but with less energy and... i dunno... cornier songwriting. i was really excited when i heard there'd be more of a glam/girl group influence on her solo stuff... like, it comes through quite obviously, but it's badly executed.

i am disappoint.
No I never heard of that band yet. Are they a British band or what?
Because I have heard of The Haunted Band and they are the best band I ever heard of in my opinion though. One of the guitarist talks to me on Myspace his name is Cane he says he like my profile its very creative . biggrin wink wink
slender fungus
jamina (or whatever the ******** her name is) smacked my best friend, kevin smith, at some show at the end because he had long hair. he doesn't even know her personally.

I bet so...
BYOP tends to get annoying.. But I still can't resist them. sweatdrop I ENJOY THEIR MUSIC. And Turbofruits, something that doesn't involve Jemina Pearl.
I friggin' love Be your own PET! yeah!
<3 biggrin
Well I love BYOP. They're one of my all time favorite bands. Jemina is making a new band with some pretty awesome people. They're called The Black Faces
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If your hating on BYOP because you're spoiled/they dropped out of high school, then that is just stupid. You dislike their music for something totally unrelated.

I love both BYOP and Jeff the Brotherhood.

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