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Hi guys. First of us - i like listening to various music. Raging from Vangelis, to classic, to metal, rock or pop. To be honest i don't care about genres at all. As long as the music has soul and love of it's creator, i will give it a try. Because i believe that only music made with love and passion are truely valuable.

We all know there are many artists with great talent, but they are outside of our awareness. JB, One Direction, Lady Gaga, Cyrus - the mass culture just covers our view and we offten miss many rare gems.

3 days ago i've found such gem. The guy i called DroneLocker. He make the weirdest music i ever heard in my entiry life. It's something totaly new.

It's really odd. His older tracks are scary as hell, when the recent one are pure beautiful. I really don't know how to describe that guy and his creations. It's terrible and beautiful at the same time. It's like with atomic explosion, or looking at the Black Hole. I don't know what to say.

And after doing some research, i decided to help and promote this guy. From what i traced him around the internet, he is some sort of genius. He makes games, graphics, voice acting, singing, music, animation, some paranormal(?) activities. And he is totally under the radar. And then at the end i've learned that he is barely earning any money and he has family to feed,
So yeah, there you have it. Help me make this guy famous. If you don't like his music - help him out of compassion. If you don't care about him, then promote his music.

I am really sick and tired of trash that plays in the radio and TV. I want something else.

The YouTube code doesn't work for some reason so ill just paste the raw link
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Okay ya got me.
Im interested now.

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