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CBC News
A Nova Scotia justice of the peace says he asked police to warn his life-long friend, 75-year-old Fred Weeks, that he might be in danger the day after Weeks married a woman known as the Internet Black Widow.

But George Megeney says police told him they couldn't get involved because the woman had served her time for killing a previous husband and defrauding a boyfriend she met online. She was known at that time as Melissa Russell.

"I wanted Fred to know the situation that he might be in. You know, he could be in danger,” Megeney said in an exclusive interview with CBC-TV’s the fifth estate. He said he asked the police to intercept Weeks and his new bride as they left a ferry in Newfoundland while on their honeymoon. But the police told him there was nothing they could do because "it would be an invasion of that lady’s privacy because she had no warrants, she had done her time."

Four days later, after a short honeymoon in Newfoundland, Weeks was rushed to hospital from a bed and breakfast in Sydney, N.S., where he and his new bride had spent the night. Two days after that, police charged Melissa Weeks with attempting to murder her husband and with “administering a noxious thing.”

She is being held in custody, while her husband has recovered and returned home, where he is resting with his family.

Their encounter has opened another dramatic chapter in the life of a woman who has in the past claimed she was a battered wife, a devout Christian and a lonely widow looking for love on the internet. She was prone to whirlwind romances that ended with her partner’s serious illness or death.

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eek It's too bad the JP didn't see that documentary the day before the wedding. And really too bad the groom didn't do an Internet background check on his bride-to-be.
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It sounds like bad timing or the guy could have warned his friend himself.

I agree that legally speaking the police took the right approach even though it very nearly ended tragically. A person's prison sentence and possible subsequent parole is the price society charges a criminal for their crime. Once they have done that the crime is officially 'paid off' and the police have no legal right to harass the ex-con. The world is full of people hooking up with other people who did bad things in the past. Cops trying to interfere with those relationships would just result in a string of lawsuits. There isn't an easy or satisfying answer for "someone MIGHT do something bad in the future".

I bet the friend does more research on any future mates.
Also, if he is 75 I wonder how old the 'internet black widow) is. Maybe he was glad to snag a younger woman and let himself be blinded.

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