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I don't know who I wan't anymore...Imma stay with Obama.
Votin' for Obama again whoop whoop
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The Republicans are really horrible right now, I plan on voting for Obama .
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So far, the other candidates aren't anyone I'd vote for. Until then, Obama for me.
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The fact that the Republicans automatically are calling for the bombing of Iran has made me completely siding with Obama again.
Paul is the only one with a foreign policy that makes any sense to me.
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Even if I did believe in the Republican economic plan (Which I don't) none of the candidates look even the least bit competent or trustworthy. That said, if Obama gets reelected, I'm positive that there will be a terrorist attack within the year. No, not by Muslim extremists. By right-wing extremists.

Election night will be just like that episode of South Park, with people holed up in forts, stockpiling guns in preparation for the impending Obamacolypse.

<<Yawn>>...Please, enlighten us as to how the current administration has made things so much better than they have previous ones. Points will be taken away if terms such as "It's Bush's fault" or "We just need to give him a chance" are used.
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Not if it's one of these tools currently running for the republican nomination.

Obama's an awesome dude.
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Demon Tacoo
iArchduke Franz Ferdinand
Do you want a new president in 2012?
Yes I do. I knew Obama was never going to last a full four year term.
Um..... he has to last a 4 year term. That's the minimum unless he is impeached.
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It is really quite hard to get a president out of office once he is elected.
There is only 9 presidents that have lost re-election.
So in all likelyhood Obama will get re-elected.
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He said if he didn't mean his goals in his first term he wouldn't run again. Let's make an honest man out of him.
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The impeachment process has already begun against Obama, and it's being ignored by the mainstream media because they want him to stay as their president. http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/query/z?c112:H.CON.RES.107: His high crime is going to war with other countries without seeking approval from Congress first, and instead seeking approval from Nato. This undermines going to war for only for the sake of our national security. People wanted Bush to be impeached too, but I think he sought approval from Congress after lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. There are also a bunch of other things Obama has done, but that would make this post too long.

Anyways, the only person I can honestly support is Ron Paul. His ideas may seem crazy at first, but if you look into his views instead of being a bigot (goes for left & right wingers), they make pretty damn well sense, and his views seem to coincide with Milton Friedman (won a Nobel Prize in Economics). If Ron Paul says something that sounds crazy, it's either because he's being misquoted or people are ignorant of the larger scope of the situation. People will also claim that he's racist & stuff by not supporting some laws (because he found them to be unconstitutional), but when he was a doctor, he would frequently give free care to black families who were too poor to pay.

Some "crazy" views:
-Decriminalize drugs on a federal level & end the war on drugs, let the states make their own laws: It's been shown in Portugal that legalizing drugs has actually reduced drug-related crime & deaths. The government shouldn't be everybody's mother and tell you what you shouldn't put into your body. Most people are imprisoned for possession & non-violent acts while on drugs, thus filling prisons up at the expense of taxpayer money. Decriminalizing drugs would also hurt the drug gangs because people would be able to compete against them, and would no longer have to be a part of the gang to get the connections. Crime would also go down, because sellers wouldn't have to be armed to prevent theft (could call the police to settle disputes), and fear of being imprisoned or an outcast would be reduced.

-Get rid of the minimum wage: Forcing small companies to pay more for their employees makes it harder for them to compete against larger companies. It is actually the larger companies who already pay their workers above minimum wage that support raising minimum wage to kill off the competition.

-Against bailing out the auto industry: The auto industry is a private company based on a profit & loss system. If they're losing money, then they should fix their management and get rid of waste. It is not the role of the government to save private companies that are poorly run.

-Return to the gold standard & end the federal reserve: Our money used to be based on gold & silver coins. Then we switched to a system where we had paper money (gold & silver certificates) where a $1 silver certificate guarantees you 1 silver coin on demand. Now our paper money is backed by nothing since we went off the gold standard during Nixon's term, and the federal reserve has the power to print as much money as it wants "out of thin air".

-Wants a 0% income tax: We used to have a 0% income tax before 1913, but Paul knows that a 0% income tax isn't possible with the debt we're in. By having a lower income tax, people would have more money to spend & smaller businesses would have more money to keep. He aims to lower it as much as reasonably possible.

-Bring home all of the troops: We have too many soldiers occupying foreign lands, it's costing us a hell of a lot of money to be the biggest military power in the world, and we should focus on protecting our borders instead of doing preemptive wars on countries with a weak military. Those countries aren't likely to start a war because they know that they could be wiped off the map that very same day, and for us to put sanctions on Iran makes us the terrorists who are trying to get them to follow our demands.

He's been supporting these same views for around 30 years or so. He has never voted for a tax increase, opposed stuff that he believed was unconstitutional, and he even refused to accept a Congressional Pension because he found it unconstitutional & morally wrong that people would do whatever they can to stay in Congress for a larger pension. His campaign doesn't even get supported by the big banks like Goldman Sachs (supports Obama and Romney), and the corporate media tries to downplay much of what he does (when he ranked 3rd in Iowa, a bunch of news outlets mentioned who came in 1st, 2nd, and 4th, not even mentioning his name).

So if the banks & corporate-run media aren't supporting him, then he's probably doing something right instead of serving their interests. Much of his financial support came from individuals in the military who are fed up with going to war & getting killed for the interests of others, and not for the security of our nation (he received, by far, the most donations from people serving in the military than any other candidate including Obama).
Obama should stay in office. I don't like any of the GOP cantidates
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I'm voting for Goldman´╗┐ Sachs in the 2012 election

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Or I might vote for Goldman Sachs.

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Only if it's Stephen Colbert.

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