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Just send a navy seal over there and put a stop to it now. -.- We have lots of people that know how to kill people. If we can get rid of the dumb*ss in charge maybe he'll be replaced by someone with more than half a brain cell. (And yes I'm aware that if we're caught, it will be an international incident, but waaaah, too damn bad. Stupid deserves to be killed.)
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Everytime someone brings up North Korea I just think of the Lewis Black comedy act: You ever see video from there and everyone is in black and white. That's not the cameras, they're so evil all the color has leeched out of them.

Or: The only way they're going to launch a missle at us is if a group of them pick it up, run with it for a while, and throw it at us.

Things haven't changed much since he did that act far as I can tell...
And one of these days, just like the Middle East, America's going to provide a no-lube buttsexing to the hostile Asian countries.
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This is absolutely nothing new. North Korea's been threatening to do lots of stuff, none of which they've actually done, nor do they have the technology to.
Consider North Korea that bratty child that threatens to throw a temper tantrum if it doesn't get what it wants.
Why was this thread necroed? This is nothing new. I feel sorry for the DPRK, I really do.

And that statement up there that suggested the almighty American World Police should barge in and kill their leader is unbelieveably stupid. Cultural imperialism at its worst, that.
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This would be scary if this was the 1960's. Can North Korea get it in they're heads that the world is not scared of them and that they should just shut the hell up?

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