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California mother Ka Yang, who is 29, placed her 6 week old baby girl in a microwave cooking her alive. her defense attorney is claiming that the woman suffered from a seizure, blacked out and placed her baby in the microwave UNKNOWINGLY. the attorney plans to use the insanity defense for the mother and that she might be bi-polar.

watch the video here

I am getting the feeling people are abusing the insanity defense

to me the mother having a seizure and placing her baby in the microwave is bullshit. i have seen a seizure, my cousin had one and he was on the floor making a strange gargling noise and couldn't control his arms,and than he blacked out, from what he describes what happened all he remembered was he fell.

so to me i find it very odd that this woman is leaning towards that she is bi-polar... had a seizure, and was able to pick up her baby, walk to a microwave, place the baby in the microwave and press start. it just seems like a very lame excuse to try and cover up this murder case.

so what do you think about this case?
how do you feel about the insanity defense?

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I believe that they are abusing insanity...
I mean, how the hell do you unknowingly place your baby in a microwave? -___-
I know some suspects truly are insane but not all of them. They fake it to avoid jail time and go to a mental housing.
Like others, she is clearing abusing the plea of insanity. How her defence can say this is beyond me, it is an obvious cover-up.

But like Kitty Bear Chama said, people plea insanity so they get a reduced sentence or get off completely. It sickens me.
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The problem is California. This state has been driven into the ground, yet morons keep electing retards to run the state.
I hope this women gets a life sentence.
I don't care if she is bi-polar.
I hope she dies.
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User ImageThat's horrible! I swear I'll lose faith in humanity if this woman doesn't get the max sentence. Seizure my a**; that defense doesn't even make sense.
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She deserves the electric chair!!
i think its over used a lot.
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that's messed up. seizures can't even cause you to do that. obvious murder case here. i mean come on people. god. people these days. poor poor baby. D;
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I think if you put your baby in the microwave then you're definitely insane.
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Holy ********, how do you put your baby in the microwave and turn it on while having a seizure?? The fact that she expects people to believe this is just as sickening as the actual crime. neutral
Whatever! You know she knows what she's doing to be doing that stuff to her baby. I've had seizures and blacked-out and have never did that. I would never flip out and do stuff like that. She is insane, but shouldn't be pleading insanity...
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I say we just go Kickass on her and throw her a** in a giant microwave.

It's perfect justice for a monster who would do it to a defensless child.
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Wow....why would a seizure cause someone to put their 6 month old baby in the microwave!!
People abuse that s**t so much JUST so they don't have to get in trouble for what they did..
She probably does have some mental issues/disturbances OR she may very well could have just been upset with herself, her life, the father of the child, or the child herself...regardless, pleading insanity is the wrong way to go and she should serve time for this. Also, get psychiatric help.

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