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He married his longtime girlfriend years ago so he could be on her health insurance


On that note, must have been a cheap wedding.

The wedding was done over Skype with guests logging on to watch so they didn't have to rent a church. They kept the camera on head shots so they didn't have to wear any wedding clothes.

Afterwards the reception was held in a Wal-mart parking lot. The ketchup and sugar packets weren't the best reception food but the used paper towels were folded in a very fancy way. Also on the plus side the limited amount of food at the reception made it less likely you would have to go to the bathroom and use the hand separated single ply toilet paper. Also the reused coffee grounds and teabags kept the beverages from being too strong. Afterwards they saved money on gas by picking up a few things they needed at Wal-mart since they were already there. Wal-mart embraced the idea saying, "We like to be associated with freaks! Have you seen the web site?"

(all made up of course. I have no idea what they did. I doubt the wedding could have been any weirder than the marriage. smile )

Haha that was great!
Their honeymoon was probably at Applebee's....but they got by with asking other patrons for their used food.

And the dessert? The free mints places offer. Grab a handful and run!