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Died in 2006. Is this true? Is KONY 2012 even relevant?
Do you have to go to the bathroom?

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They say they want him Dead or Alive

They didn't say anything about Undead

The Video they made they made YEARS AGO

Then they decided recently to remaster it, toss some junk in, and accept donations.

The Donations go straight into the Film Makers pockets.

The Donations will not go to help anything.

The reason they decided to revive their production was because Obama has sent a small group of men after Kony.

I haven't even bothered to watch the Video because the more information the less intelligent it sounds to watch. sweatdrop

The last sighting of Kony was in 2011, I think.

He pretty much sticks to North Eastern Countries in Africa and the Middle East.

The Countries with the most issues similar to what this campaign is aimed at are much lower.

In some parts of Africa the #1 source for contraction of H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. in Married Women is Rape by Teens-30's males that roam around in little Gangs that have retired from, defected from, or still represent dumb Armies like Kony had.

#2 is from their Husbands after their Husband is forced to have sex with a woman that everyone at their job must have sex with ( or be fired or killed for not following orders) or from the women they gang rape as a Soldier in some stupid army ( again, you rape with them or you die).

The top want of women and girls in these areas is something large that they wear that in the event they are raped will theoretically trap their raper's p***s. There is alot of concern because ( aside from damage this can cause to women) it is speculated that the rapist will just kill the woman/girl or the rapist will be killed by his buddies/gang/troop... and then the group will have their way with the woman/girl.

I should note that these morons like to Mark their victims. Since they rape every female they run across they are the top spreader of HIV, AIDS and STDs. If you are raped by them many communities treat you as a ghost and you no longer have free will or opinion ( that's if you aren't thrown out the the community) but since most females are raped, they are all use to silently going on with their lives and trying to hide the mark.
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I do need to go to the bathroom and wash my hands, yes. neutral

Kony is fake.

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The whole KONY 2012 is a scam.
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Actually, I do need to pee.

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