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Israel refuses to sign the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons treaty, and Israel refuses IAEA inspections.
Israel is reported to have over 200 nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and Iran isn't even allowed to develop nuclear energy.
Iran has started ZERO large scale military excursions in its entire 100 year history while Israel has started numerous illegal and unprovoked military confrontations.
There is a U.N. partition plan, and Israel refuses to keep the borders as decreed repeatedly building settlements on the land given to the Palestinian people.
Palestinian people are not given equal human rights in Israel as they are frequently abused and harrassed by the Israeli military.
Women have rights in Iran, and just because their women choose not to walk around like whores flirting with every man in the street does not mean they don't have rights.
There is a stricter religious and moral code in Iran based on Islamic Law, but what's worse: stricter dress codes or having to walk into a walmart to hear YMCMB blaring on the loudspeakers? I'd rather have stricter moral codes and then have Curtis James Jackson have the right to tell young kids to go kill each other over money.
Iran treats Jews with respect, and Jews live peacfully in Iran: Israel does not treat Arabs with respect.
Iran is an Islamic state; Israel is NOT a Jewish state:
Israel was founded by and paid for by the Rothschild family; If you look at the Israeli flag, you can see the Freemasonry hexagram.
Judaism is not Zionism; The Corrupted form of Judaism believes that Jews are racially superior to the gentiles.
Zionism is Racial Supremacism; Iran does not practice racial supremacism.
In fact, Islamic Iranians are required to pay Zakat ( money for the poor ) based on Islamic law: Muslims pay more taxes in Islamic countries based on the morals of their religion!
Real Judaism does not support Israel or mandates a Jewish state: Israel was founded and paid for by documented satanists.

Most Importantly:

Iran and other Arab countries have OIL. Would you like cheaper OIL so you can have more money to feed your families? If we cut ties with Israel, our OIL would be 2 dollars cheaper. Imagine all of the money you could make just for cutting ties with Israel. I ask the Christians:

Does Jesus support murdering arabs in senseless wars, and doesn't Jesus speak of a "New Jerusalem"? Where does Jesus say that Israel is only for God's chosen people? Doesn't Jesus say to love everyone equally? Do you love Arabs equally or has the Mainstream Media which is controlled by Zionists and Evil Coroprations going to control you?

You can SAVE America. Copy the text of this message and distribute it as much as possible to free us from the Zionist lobby. You can be a monumental voice. If you took this message and shared it to all of your friends on facebook and myspace, that is THOUSANDS of people forced to reconsider their world. You don't have to agree, but I ask you WWJD?
I agree with most of this article.

A lot of jews need to wake up to the fact that their destiny has been hijacked by crazy Zionists aiming for global hegemony
Please help spread the message.
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I hope Iran get's nuked, then china get's involved then Russia and US we need a world war 3 nuke them all lets wipe Iran off the planet idc if they have or trying to make nukes.

They are firing rockets daily at the jewish state.

They are asking for it.
Which ever country brings the world more peace.

President Harry Truman says, " I saw these images of the holocaust, and I feel terrible. The Jews need their own state. "

Secretary of State George Marshall responds, " Mr. President, a Jewish state in this region is a terrible idea. It will ruin our reputation with Arab countries, and make Oil more expensive. Creating a Jewish state in this region will create many more wars. "

President Harry Truman, " But the holocaust... "

Jews paid for and funded the Holocaust because they knew the only way the world would excuse kicking the Palestinians off their land would be if there was mass persecution. That is the level of evil and manipulation involved.

Stop the Brainwash.
Stop the Lies.

Hitler's campaign was funded by Jewish Bankers.

In 1967, Israel knowingly attacked the USS liberty killing and wounding many Americans.

We do not forgive. We do not forget. EXPECT US.

tru fax.

The jews are also ancient reptiles from space.
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Ignorance is solving nothing
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I love how stupid the OP is.

I give you 5/10 for trolling. You made me laugh a little, but seriously try harder next time.
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I'd rather support the Jews than the Arabs.
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"documented satanists"
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I hope Iran get's nuked, then china get's involved then Russia and US we need a world war 3 nuke them all lets wipe Iran off the planet idc if they have or trying to make nukes.

They are firing rockets daily at the jewish state.

They are asking for it.

Tsk no... Isreal carpet bombs Iran. Russia who buddy buddy with Iran Attack the Jews, it's allies states and parts of Europe and possiably Aussie Jumps into the frey. Then china Laughs while North Korea Attacks SK, Japan and a Weakened USA.

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