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Lololol, an elephant.
Waitwhut. An elephant?!?!

Get back to the real world, dude.
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You know I grew up with the stereotype classic image of the drunk guy in cartoons and such seeing the pink elephant but I think this is the first time I've ever seen a for real story about a guy hallucinating an elephant.

And what is with these news stories about people with their 7th or 9th DUI?
Why are people like this still allowed on the road?
I can understand (though not condone) somebody getting a single DUI, especially if they were barely over limit or some such. Not right but trying to leave room to give someone the benefit of the doubt. But at the very least after two or three offenses they should lose their driving privileges for a few years so they can get it in their heads it is a privilege not a right and they should appreciate it and respect the safety of others. And really, if this is your 7th or 9th DUI you were actually caught at I'm guessing your life is pretty messed up when you are not behind the wheel as well.

Like I said earlier, people like this generally don't care if they are liscened or not

Some don't. That's why I mentioned PRISON. Some think driving is their God given right no matter what they do. The lack of cars in most prison cells would give them time to think about that. But there are some who don't drive after their license is taken away. For some that is enough of a wake up call.

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