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I don't quote people very often because I feel like if I'm in a thread having a conversation then the other person is going to read it anyway.

Yeah, it was ultimately her choice, but not knowing exactly what her mental health situation was, I don't think it's right to be so hard on her when it was very likely she was suffering from depression.
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Lazarus Larkin
I don't quote people very often because I feel like if I'm in a thread having a conversation then the other person is going to read it anyway.

Yeah, it was ultimately her choice, but not knowing exactly what her mental health situation was, I don't think it's right to be so hard on her when it was very likely she was suffering from depression.

i wasn't being hard i was being rational. people always have to point fingers to the bully when a victim commits suicide but who was the one that decided to kill themselves? why do people care AFTER the fact that she is dead? i can bet you the parents/teachers/friends wished they could of done something now.and what of the bully? well the bully is still alive and probably isn't getting in THAT much trouble from what happened.

I get that young people today go through a lot. but they seem to want to over look that there is help out there if you ASK for it. so again if it seemed as if i didn't have "compassion" but i feel sorry that she died but i do not feel sorry for her decision.
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that poor girl. D;
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i was bullied from pre-school all the way up till the 11th grade. i had to finally be pulled out of school because i just could not function on a day to day basis because of the bullying and being alone all the time. it got so bad that in the last two weeks of school (11th grade) i had to be drugged in order just to make it threw the day.
now im 23 and a total loner. i still cant make friends due to the bullying that happened to me as a young child. i never learned how to interact with other people properly...it sucks.....
now i spend my time alone collecting expensive dolls in hopes to fill the void of friendship and acceptance.
It's easy for us to say; "oh well she should have stood up to her bullies," and "she's a coward who chose the easy way out."

But we're not her.

The truth is, even if we had a couple of bullies in our youth, we don't really know what it's like to be bullied on that scale; and with the advent of social networking, there literally is no escape from one's tormentors nowadays. I mean, imagine being told 24/7 that you're nothing. At school. At home when you go online. Every thing you do and everywhere you go? Eventually you'll probably start believing it.

Suicide is a choice, but sometimes, it hurts enough that it feels like it's the only choice. It's a selfish thing, but people don't tend to view it that way. They tend to think they're so worthless that no one would miss them, that their families would be better off without them. And to go through life not knowing what you're fighting for, living for... why you even exist, it's easy to imagine yourself out of the equation.

It's really important to be there for your family and friends; to let them know that they're wrong about things like that, that the feeling is temporary and things get better. When you're in pain it is extremely difficult to see past it.

And 'standing up to them,' doesn't always work. My brother was bullied in grade school and he beat the crap out of his bullies, and they never tried again, that's true. But for someone else I know, doing the same didn't solve anything for him. He still didn't want to live-- because fighting every day wasn't really living.

At the end of the day, bullying is wrong. And kids need to be educated and taught why it's wrong to treat others like that. Instead, It's heralded as part of 'growing up' and a necessarily evil on the life path of 'toughening up'. And while that may be true-- the real world is harsh-- it's still the bullies who are at fault. It's not okay to be an a*****e. I don't see why people appear to think it is. Yeah, no. If a kid told an adult she was a 'stupid whore' would that be okay? If a kid told their mom she should go die and was ugly, would that be 'part of growing up'? No. I mean, I'm sure teen kids throw tantrums all the time, towards their parents, but they'd probably get disciplined or in trouble for doing so. There would be repercussions. So why do people feel it's fine for kids to say that to each other? Why are there no real repercussions?

So, I mean, it's not just the choice and fault of the victim. It's not just 'emo whiners who throw it in at the first sign of trouble,' as some people seem to think it is. That's an overly simplistic view, and easy to say when you are not experiencing the same thing. We don't live their life, we're not them. So, victims need support and to be taught to endure because it will inevitably pass, yes. But at the same time, parents and teachers of bullies need open their eyes towards their children, and teach them that it's wrong. Because it is wrong. Even if the world is a tough place, that doesn't justify being bullied.
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I really think this "zero tolerance" crap should be lifted.
If the kids being bullied could just punch the kid in the face that is picking on them. I think it would stop a lot of the suicides.
Those kids would have a way of defending themselves.
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Why would you let your darling daughter suffer for her entire school career then? What are you doing posting on some internet forum when you ought to be looking into transfering schools, oh, eight years ago? Do you live on a tiny island where this is literally the only school your daughter can attend? How ******** weird is she that EVERYONE hates her for eleven years?

No, but seriously, is there a reason for her to be bullied, or was it just that she drew the cosmic "short straw"? Does she have extra eyeballs? Does she hiss at people in the hallways or carry a picture of her dead dog around with her for years after it died? Is she skeevy as ********? If there's no reason for her to attract negative attention for SO LONG, then why wouldn't you pull her out of school?

But really though, what's making your daughter a target? I mean, I was literally weird as ******** in school until about freshman year and I never got bullied, just ignored and excluded. Like, literally fat kid, without any of the "stylish" things that would help me relate to my peers, I was only allowed to watch educational programming and I was always carrying a book, I didn't bathe as often as I should have and I dressed like a ******** hobo. I never got picked on. Unless I've repressed it all.
that's terrible. Sad part is, the bullies that drive the kids to suicide don't feel an ounce of remorse, and hardly ever get arrested.
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Unfortunately bullies become bullies because of how they grow up.
A lot of times, they live in bad conditions and so, they harass others to make themselves feel superior to another. Their 'partners' are usually those who feel it is a need to harass the girl to 'fit in' and be 'cool'.

To be honest, it's quite sad and pathetic how bullies are. They hide their emotions like the garbage they are and make others miserable just because they are happier than them. Back then... it used to be about looks and status. Now a days, bullying has gotten extreme.

I would never bully, I was bullied and I hated it. I decided to stand up for those who were in the same position as I was.

As for the girls who bullied that classmate to death, they will probably not feel remorse. But it's like a virus, slowly spreads their thoughts and eventually, they will think of her to the point it will make them go insane.
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Stories like these break my heart. I believe that when a person commits suicide because they were emotionally abused that the people who abused them should be held accountable. I do think it's murder because everyone knows that words have more power than hands do.
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I just wish people who are bullied will rise up and understand that they are too good compared to the scum who wanna hurt them, to end their lives. I wish more of them had people in their lives to tell them this. Parents who warn them that they might be teased and that it doesn't make them less of people. Parents like to cover their eyes and pretend bullying doesn't happen. They send their kids off on their merry ways to school and don't even wanna think about the horror they might go through. Sickening. And teachers couldn't care less.
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I hate bullying... I hate seeing other people being bullied... I was once a victim of being bullied... it is traumatizing... it made me become what I am now.. bullying exist everywhere.. it's either racism, idiocracy, illness and etc.. so awful...
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"She didn't kill herself, the people that picked on her and treated her like crap and wouldn't accept her, they killed her."

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2112933/Eden-Wormer-Last-words-tragic-schoolgirl-14-hanged-relentless-bullying.html#ixzz1olzzcaJX

'I love you Daddy, goodnight': Last words of tragic schoolgirl, 14, who hanged herself after enduring 'two years of relentless bullying' by her classmates

A 14-year-old schoolgirl has hanged herself after enduring two years of relentless bullying by her female classmates.
Eden Wormer, an eighth grade student at Cascade Middle School in Vancouver, Washington, committed suicide on Wednesday after her efforts at trying to fit in failed.
Her older sister Audri said Eden changed her appearance several times, dying her hair, tanning and getting contact lenses, to get the girls to stop harassing her.

Young people, when is this going to end?
When will YOU stand up & say... "no more"?
RL trolls (bullies) are plucking you off one by one.

My heart breaks for these teens ... not just the ones who have actually taken their lives, but for those who are living with the torment of bullying.

Teachers can't stop this madness.
It has to be YOU!! These kids need their peers!!
You have to stand up & stand between the bullies & their victims.
You may just save a life.

A few responses to this tragedy were..

Those responsible should definitely be named, so that people in their community know exactly who they are.

Sad to say, these bullies will probably not lose a moment's sleep over this. In their minds they've done nothing wrong... they'll say it was all a joke, and will blame the victim because she didn't find it funny. They'll twist things so that it's HER fault, not THEIRS.

I hope the consciences of those that bullied her haunts them for the rest of their lives. It's about time that bullies are locked up and punished for their crimes. The suicide rates of the victims of bullying, particularly the children at the moment, is increasing significantly....Honestly, how many people have to die before this is taken seriously???

I am the mom of a teenage girl who has been bullied since elementary school.
She is now in 11th grade & her world has become so dark and sad.
Everyone knows what she goes through.... teachers all act supportive yet nothing is ever done to stop it.
Every single day a handful of students set out to shame her.
Is there nothing that can be done?
The only thing left for us is to pull her out of school... WHY should she not get an education because bullies don't know how to behave?

What is a parent to do?
Every year it's the same thing... the same complaints get filed... the same students get named.
New students (underclassmen) join in on the teasing to try to "fit in".....

How do you arm a child against bullies?
My daughter won't verbally lash out at them & risk hurting them.
She says "i know how it feels to be hurt & humiliated, I can't do that to anyone".

11th grade.. one more school year & she has yet to have one year free of daily harassment.
She has given up.
No longer cares about her appearance.
No longer cares about her education.
No longer cares about anything.
It's like someone blew out her candle.
Yes she's in therapy now.... but why does it have to come to that?
Why are so many teenagers so cruel?
Why is it ok to destroy the lives of peers just for giggles?

I can totally relate with ppl who are being bullied, STAND STRONG! and don't commit suicide, cuz that's just taking the easy way out of things...
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Mayor Gravity
Mayor Gravity
@ Mayor Gravity ... I do agree it is best to n** it in the bud at an early age and maybe the inner bully is never actually born.

It doesn't do anything for the bully who has reached high school & has left a handful of victims in his wake.
Teachers can't be everywhere, they can't hear everything.
And they can't take one students word over another unless there is a witness.
Too often the "bully" has a dozen "friends" who will gladly lie for him/her & deny an encounter ever happened.

Children need to be taught that THEY need to refuse to allow bully behavior in their schools.
Our school has a zero tolerance for bullying.
What a joke that is.

I for one am all for making bullying a criminal offence or an act of terror, punishable by real jail time.
Make sure to quote, I don't know if I would have seen this had I not been looking at a previous post by our resident troll.

I don't know if my school had a zero tolerance policy or not, I would assume so, because most school do nowadays, I was bullied in elementary school, until in when I was 11 years old some guy made fun of my "boyfriend", and I shoved him...I didn't even shove him hard enough to knock him down, but it musta gotten the message across.

and in middle school and high school....everyone knew...to be frank, I just didn't give a s**t, and I wasn't going to be bothered by anything. That's not a cop out, it takes A LOT to bother me. So, the bullies never bothered me. Because I didn't give them attention.

Ya, my daughter pretends to ignore them.
But when she comes home..... at night, the tears flow.

She can't find it in herself to be mean or spiteful back.
Instead, she directs her anger inward.
Which we all know is a recipe for disaster.
I don't think she should necessairly direct it outward, because the bullies always have bigger friends than you do, it's just a law of nature.

While I wasn't bullied....I found a lot of console in the school social worker, I had a pretty rough childhood (my mom was (is) really sick, among some other irrelvant stuff) So I've been seing school social workers since about the 3rd grade (Well, now that I am in college, I go see one located in a hosptial...) Has she tried talking to one of them?

Yep she did, unfortunately the school counselor has hundreds of kids to tend to. (I don't mean that in a snide way or anything... she's just always with someone)
We did just get her into therapy though.
We'd tried that once before but that therapist was a doom & gloom sort of person.
Never positive & hopeful ya know. And that's one thing depressed kids need is hope!
Yeah, my high school was fairly big, (at least compared to the other schools in my area) there was about 400ish in my graduating class, so our social worker was always busy too. But, because I had been seeing them for so long, she knew my name before I knew her's....which helped a lot lol.

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