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you are obviously one of those people that believe if your gay your not human....i find you very offensive and that you lack any kind of compassion....im sorry if you had that time where you were going thru "the phase" where you liked the same sex, but was turned down or you were horribly hit on...i dont know..but what i do know is that it is because of people like you that make "straight" people into narrow minded A**es in others eyes....ive had so many "gay" friends and "straight" friends that there is no difference..boy scouts is about making a difference in the world..if they do allow " gay" children and parents, then thats wonderfully open and excepting of them.....and yes, most cases of child abuse as said above are caused by men who are "straight"....let them in and you will see that if they dont say right away they are gay, i doubt you wld have noticed.

What an absurd assumption on your part. I do find homosexuals to be off-putting individuals I will not lie. They make me uncomfortable, and I have not the smallest bit of desire to be in their company. But even if I disagree with their deplorable lifestyle, they are still human. If you find me offensive then I have done my job as far as I am concerned. And what leads you to make such an obtuse statement in the first place? In regards to my being compassionate or not. So because I do not support the struggle of the LGBT Movement I somehow lack compassion? I have plenty of compassion in my life, especially when it comes to the safety of animals. I am the only person I know who can cry because I miss a stray cat I was feeding every morning and night. I cannot even watch those commercials with abused animals because it hurts my heart too much to see it. I cried watching the footage of 9/11. I cried watching footage of the people struggling to pick up the pieces after the tsunami in Japan. I actually cry all of the time when I see people die, even on TV shows. Two anime characters I had great respect for died last Saturday and I had to hold back the tears. So please refrain from making such statements again thank you.

And no, I NEVER went through any phase where I liked someone of the same sex. Nor have I had anyone of the same sex hit on me. That would have been extremely awkward and nauseating. I also disagree with your statement that I am narrow-minded. I consider myself a rather open-minded individual actually. I love studying and learning about the cultures of the world, I have friends of many nationalities and racial backgrounds, but if my belief in traditional values, and abhorrence for homosexuality somehow makes me narrow-minded than go figure. In your view I will just be narrow-minded. A badge I will wear proudly for sticking by my principles and beliefs, and not conforming in the face of hateful remarks from those who preach a false tolerance.

Considering the Boy Scouts is a Christian organization which is supported by mostly churches across the county, allowing homosexual scouts and scoutmasters would be sending the wrong message, and you would no doubt see a mass exodus as a result. But homosexuals will not be happy until they have destroyed any organization or institution that still adheres to traditionalism. They want to corrupt marriage, take away the titles of mother and father, force churches to marry them even if it is against the will and teachings of God to wed homosexuals, they want to be allowed to serve openly in the Boy Scouts, supported mostly by churches, they want to serve openly in the military. Homosexuals want anti-discrimination laws that punish those who do not believe homosexuality is natural and that homosexual marriage is wrong. Not too mention they want to allow their blood to infiltrate the blood supply, even if homosexuals are more likely to have diseases such as HIV/AIDS that slowly and painfully kill people.

So I want to make this demonstrably apparent to you and all the other liberal hypocrites out there, that you can bash me all you want, say all sorts of cruel things, try and make me look like some ignorant, uneducated person (despite the fact I have a college degree), because I do not agree with the perverse and immoral act that is homosexuality, and do not want homosexuality spread and accepted throughout society. In fact, I think each and every individual out there who preaches the acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual marriage should themselves be forced to wed another homosexual, and never allowed sexual relations with someone of the opposite sex ever again. 97% of the population is heterosexual, as evolution and dogma intended, while only 3% of the population is homosexual, choosing to rebel against biology itself. Man and woman were put on this Earth with distinct genitalia for a reason, and no homosexual will EVER be able to be and do what a heterosexual or a heterosexual couple can. No amount of progressive social engineering can ever change that. Adieu.
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It's about time the Boy Scouts get their sorry act together.
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I hope that one woman's kids are gay.
just saying.
I didn't think it was an issue before, I mean...
they're kids. Who cares what their sexuality is?
I think it's better for a kid to be exposed to everything to see what they like and don't like, appreciate and disagree with in life.
if a government funded organization is against having a gay scout master, then why not check up with all the pastors and leaders of churches in the Christian religion?
I'm thinking logically, and by numbering gay people like the Jews of Nazi Germany, we're going too far.

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