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Proof that Weeaboos are outside of America!

Actually it's a very interesting way to do make-up, and I have got to give her Kudos for that. But it all ends with the whole plastic surgery thing.
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The eyes are nice. She should have stopped with that, the hair and clothes. The obsession is unhealthy and really, it could get ugly.
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Weeaboos, weeaboos everywhere.
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Fukkacumi isn't even Japanese...
I'm more into Creepy-chan, she has the right kind of eyes naturally.
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I think she has excellent skills as a make-up artist. She might be a tiny bit underweight, but she is quite short and appears to have very small bones, so I don't think her size is a significant issue.
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Personally I think she looks extremely creepy, but if that's what she finds attractive then that's good for her
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scary...............the eyes are really creep cat_surprised *hides head under a pillow*
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I'm more into Creepy-chan, she has the right kind of eyes naturally.

Allison Harvard heart
has been flipped

The eyes gonk
Are you people serious? you actually think her makeup is good!???? I mean i dont know s**t about makeup seriously, but for real that s**t is just soooooooo unattractive, for real, no guy will every want her except a fat nerdy weaboo anime obsessed weirdo.

She look like a walking plastic dolll....and ewwww that make up just makes her look like some kind of manequin.

How can you people actually think it's good? And holly s**t she is a walking stick that is just gross...seriously....
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How creepy. I thought I was looking at a picture of a doll at first. That's a person?

Makeup is one thing. I'd love to see how she managed that for a convention or Halloween. But actual surgery? And I shudder to think what she'd have to do to get down to a weight of that little.
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Those lonely guys who want to marry cartoon characters in Japan must really want this girl. I think the whole "living doll" look is just creepy. I look at those pics, and can hear the theme from the Twilight Zone.User Image
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Some of the pictures are kind of cute and surreal, I'll admit. Then you get to the ones where you really see just how creepily skinny she is. gonk
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OK Seriously........freaking me out here! XD

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