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We all have to make a name for our avi, but I was wondering what made you pick the one you did? Mine is from a manga Meru Puri. The character in the story stuck with me so I thought that it would be a great name to obtain.
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I used to go into chat rooms all the time, but at one point I had someone steal my old screen name and just create a really bad image for me (of course while I was on vacation and couldn't defend myself...) so I ended up having to change my screen name. I was talking to a few friends for ideas, and at the time I'd written the beginning of a song that had the line "and she was nothing by a sweet, crimson lullaby". One of my friends said that was a perfect name for me... and so I used it. Been using it interchangeably with another screen name ever since.
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cuze i have some skull i my room ( not reall though)..and there is a game that has ed name sooo yeahhh......
All other names I wanted are already used .. stare
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I like eating. 8D;;
and I watch pokemon a lot, and they eat really loudly while saying NOMOMNOMHOM
and drink like GLUGLUGLUGLUGLUG. o:
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I'm not very creative, but my avi name is pretty much my first name haha.
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Man-Hungry Capitalist

=A= I picked mine to bring 'fop' into the average person's dictionary.
Did it work? not a bit.

and yeryeryeryer fops is hawt. = u=
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Well, this ones based off my YT account.

Its "TNT" for me. Friday = favorite day. 13 = day I was born.

Also its, friday 13 for friday the 13th. The holiday and the movie that I like. lol
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Kawaii Cub

      the name i had before this one was a irl nickname.
      i decided it was too personal for gaia and so i hopped on the zombie bandwagon.

      and the tea because i am english.

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It was the name of the main character in a story I was writing, the story has since been given up on, but the name remains! Now it's the name of my character in my guild ^_^
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    My main account (which got banned) was Purple Coloured Crayons. I was fiddling with a purple crayon when trying to decide, and I looked down and was like, 'Got it.'
i was reading an old, retarded italian comic book while on a field trip and saw the image in my sig
it amused me
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She's a character in a story I'm writing.
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cus it my name, xd only 52 people in the world (and mine is one spelled with an 'e' instead of an 'a' like most whee )
One of my friends help me pick my name and I liked it. My other avi I wanted something funny and I like it.

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