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What's on my mind: I'm on Gaia! eek
omiigosh is AWESOME
hmmm iv been wondering this 4 awile.... does KFC really torture their chickens anymore then other ppl do???

I would hope not o.o
yaa i wuldnt eat KFC 4 the longest time i had it 4 the first time like a week ago
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i understand romodels but girls keep copying these other girls grrrrrrr
i am the MASTER at this!!!! may the force be with you, grasshopper. i'm watching a show about a pregnant lady XD oooh!!!! crackers!! i can't wait for school to start... i want mashed potatoes!! did you know, if you fart consistently for 9 years and 6 months you would have enough gas to make an atomic bomb??
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Watermelon flavored rainbow oreos(:
pizza sounds so good right now.
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Bubble gum!! biggrin
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I am an obbsesive fangirl.... > biggrin Of way too many things lol


I want some pizza
the next person who post plzz quote my words im tryna win an award.
Wa!! me got thee item I was trying to get. It be me hairr
James 7100
the next person who post plzz quote my words im tryna win an award.

Yo, I like helping people out.
O_o i just kissed my bff and her other bff yah random whee
Ummmm..... puppies! biggrin i hope it was random enough razz
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