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minesworse thn ALL of urs XD mine was with another guy >w<

How is that bad?

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extremely awkward. it was short, quick, and just plain terrible. and i found out a few days later he was cheating on me anyway. he was my first boyfriend... i have only had one since him who i am currently with and he is a MUCH better kisser!
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my first kiss was in my dream it felt so real O.o

lol same here XD

In my dream, I kissed a guy named Dustin.
The next I day i found out that he
made out with my friend Emily under the
play kitchen. (I was in kindergarten)...
Dustin was one hot kindergartener....
My first kiss was, well short. haha. It was right before 2nd block and he wanted to kiss me on the lips so im like "okay, 1st kiss. lets get it over with" ...it was so short and weird. i deff like my 2nd kiss. But I"m still with him and we are soo soo happy together heheh.
Mine was in 9th grade in a skating rink. An old and filthy one to be exact. I was a freshy and he was a junior, it was basically forced D: i did not like it at all!!!!
My first kiss was at my baby sitter house and it was by her daughter D: She was younger than me and randomly came up to me and was like "We should kiss. I already kissed Jovanna." Jovanna was this other girl at the childcare. I refused, but she did it anyways :I It was short and awkward. I don't count it since we were really little and didn't even know what the heck we were doing or what it meant. My first offical kiss was with my bestfriend/step sister's ex boyfriend while she was in the kitchen. It was quick, but sweet. Too bad he was a big liar xD
entirely awkward
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Ha, when all else fails, seek John Green's wisdom.

My first kiss came earlier this year, and for me it was a mix of awkwardness and butterflies. My girlfriend was staying over, and I had been thinking of a way to kiss her all night. Somehow I ended up just leaning over and kissing her on the cheek, though my face turned bright red right after I did it. To my surprise she actually admitted she had been trying to find a way to do that all night. Later that night, I asked her if I could kiss her for real, and she happily said yes. The same feeling I got in the pit of my stomach that first time is the same as the one I've gotten every time after that.

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My first kiss(es) was at some end of the year dance in 8th grade.
I was just standing there and out of nowhere one of my chick friends kissed me,
then my gay guy friend kissed me,
then they both ran away yelling about how they'd stolen my first kiss.
:/ Eh, I didn't care too much.
I hate to break it with you but my first kiss sucked. He tried to put his tongue in my mouth as soon as our lips where pressed together! YUCK!! redface
i was dating my first boyfriend in 7th grade... i dated him for 2 weeks he was fat and not good looking..my first kiss was on the school bus it was not cool i kiss him and it was wet i did not like it.. the next week 4 days after the kiss he dumped me and it was all most for school 2 close for the summer... i hope i get 2 date some else and not anyone of him xd xp eek
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I actually kissed someone when I was pretty young sweatdrop not sure if I knew what I was doing, but I think I was really aware that I was kissing someone redface
Terrible, and something I never want to recall. Thanks. sad
My first kiss was with the hottest boy in my old school.
When he kissed me it felt horrid.
I found out shortly after that,that he had kissed nearly all the girls in his class crying
I was 17 then, and ever since then, i haven't dated.

OH my thats aweful
Well ur first kiss kinda reminded me of mine.
I was 12. He had told me he had never kissed anyone and then after we kissed he told me all of the girls he had kissed.
But anyways it was in the lazy river at splash kingdom, in front of our friends. It felt good and everything just focused on our lips, i couldnt even remember what our bodys were doing. Glad it was good, cuz hes a jerk xp , so at least it was a good memory. Ill probly forget it in a few years though. And then on the rided bak he kissed me on the cheek. Those were my only kisses and i havnt had any scince
But forget him, he moved and he never called.
now im with a new boy that i plan to be with as long as possible 3nodding
(i also plan to kiss him as well lol)
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It was a guy I had been dating for a week. Actually, we were friends for years before he asked me out one day. It did not work out, and we stopped talking to each other for a long a** time.

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