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Whoa whoa whoa, did I read this right? The scoring did not benefit the most active team, it benefitted the least active team. :/

Uncle Kenny wrote in the Dev reports:

Total Score = (# of Kills / # of Active* Attackers on the Team) + (# of Heals / # of Active* Healers on the Team)

* To qualify as an active attacker or healer, you had to attack or heal at least 10 times.

If that's the case, then the # of kills or heals divided by active members would be less if divided by larger numbers of active players and more if divided by less active members.

1000 kills with 50 active attackers=1000/50=20
1000 kills with 25 active attackers=1000/25=40

People who participated more are being punished with a lower score. :/

No, it was about how active you were and how many points you got when you attacked or healed
like if you got 20 points you were helping out a lot.
and MANY people were just getting 0 − 4ish points so the lower you scored the less you helped basicly.

Yeah I realized that later. : P