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Yes we are war yet we must remember that a war cannot only be won by sheer force but by showing those who attack us why we should not be enemy but could be ally. The BOO vs SIN event ended with both gods left as nothing more than powerless beings.yes we must defend ourselves and must push our enemies to a point where they realize we simply can't be swept aside like dust, we must keep the idea of mercy with us to show we are not the lowly scum the euro gang claims we are
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You believe there are those among the Kuro clan willing to listen to reason? It is well to offer the chance for reconcilliation, but how would you answer if that offer is rejected? If the Kuros seek not peace, but domination, then is the time to meet their challenge.
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Those who resisted with force and violence would be answered with such, we could follow the simple guideline of do unto others as you want done unto yourself. Which is also the reason we cannot openly make the first attack or become the villains of the conflict and prove the kuros gang point that we are scum
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I agree making the first move and showing some mercy but yet those who don't want to give up or wanting to still fight then we must take care of them...but in my opinion i rather have love then war but thats just my opinion. whee
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I feel that there should be destruction, but not without the option of mercy. For, if there is no mercy, will the house of Von Helson be any better than the Kuro Gang? The Kuro Gang wants nothing but the destruction of the Von Helsons. If we show them mercy, it will prove we are better. However, even after we show them mercy, we mustn't let our guard down for one moment. The Kuro Gang could think of it as a weekness.
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Mercy > destruction

We are merciful beings we shows cares, when we witness and learn how destruction would cost us
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He he. Well, I agree that there is quite a lot to be gained in showing our "enemy" compassion. Following a deception strategy like one described in the Art of War would be a better route, especially when considering the cost of this feud. Give it time, friends. Our "compassion" will surely turn many of Kuro's men over to our side. That pint-sized runt doesn't stand a chance against our advanced civilization. Gaia's Underworld is ours for the taking.
neither side is blameless but really it;s a "this side is worse then ours so join us" argument.
lets compair the two shall we? both dark elves/drow and vampires will take quite afew lovers and no one bats an eye but then the two races mix and suddenly all hell breaks loose.
there's no way to end the war other then a crushing defeat of one side or both of them realizing that maybe there's benifits to peace and mixing of the races
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I never thought about it like that... The dark elves are getting carried away.
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Luca needs to be staked. After that, whatever.
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I doubt Kuro himself could be persuaded to stop his rampage, I think he'd need to be taken out of the equation, either imprisonment or death, and the decision put to someone with a more sensible mind. Cordell seems to be second in line, and while fiercely loyal to Kuro, could probably be persuaded to stop everything if convinced that there would be too much bloodshed on the Kuro gang followers.
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I have to disagree the Dark Elves deserve no mercy.
We shall not parlé or yield with them, they brought upon it themselves to be destroyed.
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Mercy is for those who deserve it. Don Kuro, for example, does not deserve it and must be struck down. Perhaps those under it may deserve it for following him blindly, but we'll only see with time.
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The Don must be stopped but his people should not suffer for his sins.
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Mercy. Always mercy.

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