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Xbox three shitty, LMAO i love you. xDD
Fff, i've a wii and personally i'm not one for xbox since it can RROD and you've to pay for net.
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Xbox 360 ftw (:
Oh look, this old debate again
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im just saying..ever since i got a ps3,i dont have to worry about shitt..
maybe if they fixed it,id be an owner of a shitty box,but untill then..

naaaaaaaaaa xp
PS3 is not shitty......................i love playing little big planet on it.........so THERE
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i wasent saying ps3 was shittty,i was saying the box is!
I just got a 360 and I'm surprised at how much I like it. 4laugh Still haven't gotten a PS3, but plan to in the summer.
my boyfriend has 3 xbox360's
on his phone he has a picture of three red rings of death XD
its tragic!
but he fixes them so its all dandy :3
360, i dont like the ps3, overratted
Sexbox 360 o: i have a ps3.... but i only use it for exclusive games and blueray XD
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Both Xbox and PS3 have their own amazing Titles, although Xbox does feature less than PS3, Like having to pay for Online? Like wtf...? But I still would have to say, PS3 is totally much more amazing. Xbox has better downloadable games off the network though
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Both allow me to play video games. Nuff said.
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I have a Wii and just recently aquired a 360 and I love my X-Box. I am addicted to Left 4 Dead. I'm sure the PS3 is great I love Sony, but not enough to give that much money. I'm going to wait till the price goes waaaay down before I even consider buying one. I'm sure free online is cool but how free is it if the ******** PS3 costs so much? Is $25 ******** dollars every three months so much to pay for Live?

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