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my fave game is left for dead 3nodding
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the sim 3nodding
Fallout 3, Soul Calibur 4, or Little Big Planet.
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Final Fantasy VII, Persona 4, Kindom Hearts whee
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Crisis Core, Disgaea, Kingdom Hearts, and Call of Duty
Final Fantasy Series biggrin
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Halo Reach whee
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Too many games are the best I like. But my favorite is Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
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ALL kiNgdOm HeaRts SerIes
final fantasy crisis core 4laugh
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The Devil May Cry series (Yes,even 2) Soul Calibur 2,Dynasty Warriors 3,Final Fantasy XII,Naruto:Ultimate Ninja,GunGrave,and Graffiti Kingdom. ...NO,I am not a weeaboo,I swear.
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The Legend of Zelda series <3
Pokemon and Sonic (basiclE the only 2 that I have played)
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Skies of Arcadia Legends, for the gamecube
That game was deep
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Resident evil for me but I do also like these series aswell: final fantasy, tales of series, tombraider, soul calibur, supersmash bros, mario party, little big planet, call of duty, tekken, blaz blue, king of fighters, street fighter, marvel vs capcom, marvel vs tatsunoko, inuyasha, one piece, etc. I could go all day honestly Lol

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