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i say xbox 360
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The bad thing about the ps3 is that there game are too expensive and that they dont have many rpgs on the system. I think xbox has better way better games than ps3 plus shooter games are better cause of the trigger buttons, love using the mic better on xbox, well it easier and games are way cheaper
PS3 has better exclusives.
both r fine w/ me
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Mass effect is now on playstation as well. I no longer see a point in owning a x-box.
PlayStation3 all the way .!!!!!! Xbox360 sucksss.!!!!!
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PS3 has the superior hardware but Sony continues to limit the capabilities for it's users.

At this time I'd have to say both systems are crap until Microsoft and Sony can pull their sh*t together. This next round will allow Sony to redeem themselves, providing they can win us over with the upcoming handheld PS3--and not lock out features that allow modding or OS.
X360. no contest. 3nodding
u'll be happy with either, trust me both systems are great. Personally I have a PS3 but there are some games i wish that i had for xbox. U cant miss, and neither xbox or PS3 suck, that's for sure, any1 who says 1 console SUCKS is just uninformed, biased, or in denial.
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360 all the way
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Xbox 360 for sure
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xbox 360 is the best of all ps3 sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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