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chain of memories. it's so bad, it's scary! gonk
anyone hear of Fatal Frame? If not, bring an extra pair of pants and start playing it. In my opinion, Call Of Duty: Black Ops, scariest f****** game I have ever played.
castlevania 64 XD
Amnesia the Dark Decent... demo

Yes! rofl

As for games I've played in their entirety, well, I don't play many horror games. I enjoyed the F.E.A.R. series, although I wouldn't call it scary so much as dipping into the unnerving and disturbing.
left 4 dead XD scary shiet!
jnnjnjubfnjbrjfbjurbfjderifbnrejf burning_eyes
Another title I am ashamed i forgot was Siren. Its not so much the storyline that draws you in so much as the mix of graphics and gameplay. everyone whos played it says the same thing: "i dont know why, but the creatures freak me right the f*** out." and with good reason. aside from havivng to evade enemies at all costs by seeing THEIR POV, and then plotting around it, the things just look creepy. Atlus decided to use the 'oh so amazing' texture style used in the N64 Goldeneye game. yep, that means the japs dressed themselves up in creepy costumes, took pictures of themselves, and then sloppily mapped it onto a game character. your fighting the something that looks so mistextured, its scary. worth a look if you have the time.
Don't laugh but Resident Evil 1 man! Also dead space makes u kind of jumpy.
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Clock Tower 2 Scissorman Returns. Holy f***, it wasn't necessarily gory or grusome, it's just how it presented itself made me pee my pants. Eeee...the fact the music turns on and then you heard the scissors clamming... burning_eyes
Fatal Frame scared the life out of me. Especially the first one. I can sit through any horror movie and play any video game without so much as a twitch, but you couldn't pay me to try to take on Fatal Frame 1.

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Call of Chtulhu dark corners of the Earth *shudder*

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