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What is the best console? twisted
PC isn't a console. It's referred to as a "Platform", and how does this relate to holiday 2010 video games.
rolleyes mmm

The Wii.

Because it has the best games.
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The best console is a matter of opinion.

As for me, I don't have a favorite. I enjoy my PS3 and Wii. I can't say much about the PC, as I'm not much of a PC gamer unless we include MMORPGs, and I don't own an Xbox 360.
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The Wii! Mario and Zelda always win out in my opinion.

I don't play PC games and I don't own a PS3 or a 360 so I guess the Wii for that reason as well.
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Console wars are ******** stupid. neutral
the most successful is Wii when it comes to the franchises, because of Zelda Mario, Poke'mon and many others, then u can say xbox cuz of gears and halo, ps3 doesn't have much that i can think of, pc has just bout every game the xbox does, and if people would actually use it for gaming, then it would do better then xbox by far when it comes to all limitations, but u would have to constantly upgrade it, so budget is the limiting factor, but in the situation u can take a ps3 and modify to run windows 7 and vista, so it depends

in my opinion though its pc and ps3 then wii then xbox
and agree console wars are stupid, cuz some dumbass will bring a game to a different console and ******** it up like they did with fear when they tried to take it to the ps3
PC...It gets most microsoft (Xbox) games along with a rediculous variety of its own, better graphics, less lag, more stabilized (hardly any little kids) amount of coordinated players, much more fluent controls, and MODS! Mods make the world go round and let us create our own addons...while the douches making aim bots get banned on the spot. Oh, but id rather play PS3 because of Metal Gear Solid...although I DO have a pc, ps3, wii, and xbox....
ps3. i dont like console wars but i love it because of free online and great games
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PC cuz its like super console
you can do anything with one... booyah!
i mean you get a strong enough one you can emulate all that stuff so why not? its so much win its super win
PC is dead.. Xbox 360 has the best interface and online multiplayer

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